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This coffin thing is still bugging me.  I made a post earlier this week thinking the person inside the coffin was Ben.  However, after watching the one hour recap show last night, I started to think it could be Locke.  But after watching the season premier, I think it just might be Hugo.  Why?  I don’t want to bore you with a plethora of theories on this but here are a few.  The person inside the coffin has to be one of the “Oceanic 6” or a character that has not yet been introduced.  So far we know three characters of the Oceanic 6 – Jack, Hugo, and Kate.  We also know that Hugo is emotionally unstable and out of anyone else the most likely to take his own life.  I also have my own thoughts on why if it is Hugo why no one decided to attend his viewing, but as I mentioned I don’t want to bore you with details regarding this coffin thing when there are bigger fish to fry.

A few more thoughts and some screen shots courtesy of LostEasterEggs.blogspot.com.

-  Only six survivors came back.  Did others die or just choose to live on the island?  Who are the other three?

-  This picture of Jacob looks a lot like Jack’s father.
There’s a theory out there that Jacob has taken over his body.

-  Jack and Hugo are being called back to the island.  But as far as we know from the little we have seen of post island Kate, she seems to be the only one not wanting or feeling called back to the island.

-  When Jack visited Hugo at the loony bin, I thought he looked really think.  Also, it was interesting that Hugo made mention of how bad Jack would look with a beard.  That comment alone told us that this scene was a fast forward, but one that doesn’t go as far as the fast forwards on last season’s finale.

– It’s nice to see Charlie is still around – sorta.  He looks really good for a dead guy.  But Hugo is not the only person able to see Charlie, this guy pointed Charlie out to Hugo. 

– So far only Ben and Locke can hear Jacob . . . and now it appears Hugo may have heard him as well.  The link I provided earlier has an audio enhancement of the whispers.  I still can’t make any of it out, if you can let me know what you hear.

– The face that popped out at Hugo – was that Locke or someone else?  If it is not Locke, that further complicates things.

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  1. momma says:

    Last nights episode freaking freaked my freak. I think it was Locke’s eye in the window. Great screen shot of Jacob!! I still think it’s Ben in the coffin. I’m confused as to why Hurley is one of the Six when he went with Locke to hide. I’m sure that will be interesting to find out….if we ever do. Something has got to happen to Jack between now and fast forward to him telling Kate they have to go back. All he’s worried about it Hurley spilling the beans but then something happens and he loses his marbles about going back. And what is this agreement they made to not tell about survivors or going back? My head is still spinning. I feel like such a nerd but I love that show.

  2. PHE says:

    I am SOOO confused. Thanks for the link to LostEasterEggs, I had forgotten that one. Such a great show – I alternate between wanting all the answers RIGHT NOW and wanting to let it linger for as long as it can…

    I still love your work, Keith. Keep it up!

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