BON YouTube Thoughts

For a little over a year I’ve uploaded a total of 23 videos to YouTube.  Today I thought I would take a look at my Most Viewed page and examine the numbers a bit.  I know there are others of you out there that have YouTube pages and your numbers blow me out of the water (Barry has a video he uploaded four months ago with over 131,000 views), but I just wanted to check my numbers out.

The most watched video I’ve uploaded is the U2 Praise and Worship: 40 Streets Prayer Breakfast video.


It was uploaded exactly one year ago today, and has been viewed 80,761 times as of this post.  When you do the math, you find out it has been viewed a little more than 221 times a day.  Amazing.  It’s also interesting to read the comments which range from all over the spectrum.  I think there are several hundred comments total.

My second highest viewed YouTube video is the WifeGeeding Removes Her Glass Eye video with 28,022 views and a total of about five comments. 


My third highest viewed YouTube video is the one where Ted Haggard asks his congregation about their sex life [Link].  It’s been viewed over 22,160 times, and it of course has all sorts of crazy comments.


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