One Response to Shooting Down Our Own Spy Satellite

  1. dan says:

    I read an interesting take on this event in the NYT today. For anyone who didn’t see it, I will summarize the column. It pointed out that:

    1. The toxic chemicals the military didn’t want to reach the earth would be dangerous in an area the size of two football fields. Thus, if it landed within 200 yards of your backyard and you still chose to stay put [or the government allowed you to stay put] and you inhaled the vapors they could be serious enough that

    2. “you would at least incur something that would make you go to the doctor.”

    3. the missile cost $60 million

    4. the only other instance of a country shooting down a satellite was a few months ago when China shot down one of its old weather satellites.

    Could it be the harmful chemicals were a ruse and we were testing and showing off our missile system for the benefit of the Chinese?

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