NFL Regular Season Conclusion

This week I was 12/16, which puts me 169/256 or 66% for the entire regular season, four points short of my goal of 70%.  I don’t plan on any prognostication for the playoffs, truth be told, I kinda got a little burned out over the season doing this.  However, in the process I learned that a total of 256 NFL games are played in the regular season.  For some reason I would have thought that number would have been less than that, but it makes sense when you multiple the number of games played (16) by the number of weeks (16).  I also learned that I can’t predict NFL games as well as I thought.  However, one reader mentioned that I predicted the Cowboys finishing 14-2, but I can’t find any post mentioning that.  But if I did, I would have come darn close.  The hardest team for me to pick every week were the Broncos, sometimes they sucked and sometimes they looked pretty darn good; either way, they were hard to prognosticate. 

Patriots at Giants – Correct
Lions at Packers – Correct
Bengals at Dolphins - Incorrect
Panthers at Buccaneers – Incorrect
Saints at Bears – Correct
49ers at Browns – Correct
Jaguars at Texans – Correct
Seahawks at Falcons – Incorrect
Bills at Eagles – Correct
Steelers at Ravens – Correct
Vikings at Broncos – Incorrect
Chargers at Raiders – Correct
Cowboys at Redskins – Correct
Rams at Cardinals – Correct
Chiefs at Jets – Correct
Titans at Colts – Correct

As for the BagOfNothing Fantasy Football League, I came in a respectable third place.


It was fun competing against the readers of my blog, even though I have no idea who the heck six of you are (loserville, RagaMuffin, Underdogs, Andy’s TOS, TurfToe (great name by the way), Gunners).  Either way, thanks for playing, guys, and I’ll probably create this league again next year.

The most interesting race was between RagaMuffin and the Fort Worth Sleestaks who happen to be coworkers and were just 1.52 points apart coming into the last week of the season, with the Fort Worth Sleestaks in the lead last week.  But as you can see, RagaMuffin pulled way for the victory and a year worth of braggin rights over a coworker.

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3 Responses to NFL Regular Season Conclusion

  1. trich76 says:

    i am loserville. not too bad for my first attempt at fantasy football.


  2. Doug (Fort Worth Sleestaks) says:

    I’m so bitter! 🙂 I will have to act like I don’t really care when he berates me in the hall at work but gosh that was a tough loss. Oh well, I spanked him in our head to head fantasy league.

    By the way, Darren (Ragamuffin) is another 40 something engineer of the software variety who works at Lockheed Martin in Grand Prairie. He has two kids and his wife works with us as well and currently I’m mad at the whole clan! Just kidding…

  3. Chris O says:

    I believe that Denver won over the Vikings in the last 16 seconds. MN is in Deep Depression now.

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