Factoid of the week that might only interest people who like Texas high school football

While trying to search for an old friend on The Google, I ran across this 2005 nugget from the Austin American Statesman.  It’s just a tiny bit outdated, but it compares the 2005 and 1995 annual salaries of all the 4A and 5A Texas high school football head coaches at their respective schools.  I tried to find more current data that compares salaries from a decade ago, but came up short.

A few observations:

  • The three highest increases adjusted for inflation are:
    • Houston Clear Lake at $69%, $53,028 to $89,642.
    • Ennis at 65%, $64,075 to $106,004.
    • Grandbury at 62%, $46,422 to $75,000.
  • Five schools pay over $100k back in 2005, with Ennis topping the list.
  • At the bottom of the list was Houston Furr High School.  $54,983 in 1995 to $42,300 in 2005 – a 23% drop.
  • In 2006, the average salary for a teacher in Texas was $42,400.  Teachers have seen their salaries go up from 36.8%, compared to 36.7 for coaches.  Also, in 2006 27 coaches earned more than their principal.  Source
  • Other thoughts for your consideration:
    • Texas high school football coaches’ contracts are based upaon a 226 day work year compared to the teachers’ 187.
    • Texas high school teachers work 40-70 hours per week.  Coaches claim to work 70-100 hours per week during the season and many of the head coaches serve as the athletic director.
    • A winning football program can bring in over $200,000 to the district and community.
    • The coaches’ product is on display to the entire community and printed in newspapers which adds to the pressure.  Source
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  1. bpat says:

    Check out Stephenville- no.148- down 24% from 1995. From 105,926 in 95 to 80,841 in 05. I believe Art Briles was the coach then. He is now Baylor coach.

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