Survivor China and Standing Up For Your Faith

This clip is from the beginning of Survivor China that aired last Thursday night.  Jeff Probst welcomes the new contestants at a Buddhist temple and tells them that the people of China would like to welcome them with a welcome ceremony.  He specifially states that even though the ceremony is in a Buddhist temple, it is not a worship ceremony.  Sometime during the ceremony the Christian radio host becomes emotional and leaves because she doesn’t want to bow down to any other God but the one of the Christian faith.

I think I recorded the clip with the volume low, so you make need to crank the volume up on the YouTube clip and your PC.

I think after watching the clip most people will fall into the following categories:

  • People will be proud of her for standing up for her faith and leaving the ceremony.
  • People will think that she should have went through with the welcome ceremony as awkward as it was but knowing that in her heart Jesus Christ is Lord of Lord and King of Kings.
  • People will think she is an ultra-sensitive over-reactive Christian and think it is strange how she says she’s not a religous person but has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
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