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Bible Puzzle

Can you find the names of 16 books from the Bible in the paragraph below without the aid of your bible?  (One minister found 15 of the books in 20 minutes, but it took him weeks to find the last … Continue reading


Made Me Laugh

Saw this at Best Buy last night:

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Kids – Love ’em or Hate ’em?

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Outside My Office Building

When we first moved out here, there was nothing but open fields.  Now, there are mansions popping up all over the place.  Terry Bradshaw was one of the first to move out here and started some sort of housing development … Continue reading

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For The Balding Christian

There is now a Christian hair growth product. Link

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The Mean Kitty Song

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Smile Measurement Software

Yesterday Omron released a very interesting piece of technology “Smile Measurement Software”, basically, and as you will see in the picture below, Omron is able to detect the smile factor of one or several people on a scale of 0% … Continue reading

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It’s hard to debunk a myth

The conventional response to myths and urban legends is to counter bad information with accurate information. But the new psychological studies show that denials and clarifications, for all their intuitive appeal, can paradoxically contribute to the resiliency of popular myths. … Continue reading

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