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Halo 3 Legendary Edition

More pics here.

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NFL Week 3 Recap

I’m moving on up . . .  I’m 11/16 with last week’s picks.   For the season that’s 31/48 or 65% – 2% higher than last week’s total. Lions at Eagles – Correct Dolphins at Jets – Correct Vikings at Chiefs – … Continue reading


Conan O’Brien Visits ILM

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Home Floats

America’s Floating Communities Explore The USA From The Comfort Of Home If your retirement dream includes travel and variety, River Cities® is your ticket to a unique river lifestyle. Purchase one of our River Cities condominiums and make the river … Continue reading

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Splatter Zone

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Monster plant grows 5ft in a weekend and bursts through greenhouse roof

A rare Mexican plant which flowers only once in its lifetime has bloomed in Britain. Scientists at Bangor University have waited 28 years to see the Century Plant (Agave americana) blossom. Nobody was more shocked to see the 20ft specimen … Continue reading

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Top 15 Great Movie Twists

Everyone loves a movie with a good twist, and the Hollywood engine knows that and exploits it. Almost every film that comes out now has at least one twist or another, but some really stand out for their brilliance or … Continue reading

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Simpsons” Scenes and their Reference Movies

Here’s something for you film buffs who are also Simpsons buffs: 66 stills from various episodes of The Simpsons, each one beside the still from the movie scene to which they refer. Link

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