NFL Week 3 Recap

I’m moving on up . . . 


I’m 11/16 with last week’s picks.   For the season that’s 31/48 or 65% – 2% higher than last week’s total.

Lions at Eagles – Correct
Dolphins at Jets – Correct
Vikings at Chiefs – Incorrect
49ers at Steelers – Correct
Colts at Texans – Correct
Cardinals at Ravens – Correct
Rams at Buccaneers – Correct
Bills at Patriots – Correct
Chargers at Packers – Incorrect
Browns at Raiders – Correct
Bengals at Seahawks – Correct
Jaguars at Broncos – Incorrect
Panthers at Falcons -  Correct
Giants at Redskins – Incorrect
Cowboys at Bears – Correct
Titans at Saints – Incorrect

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2 Responses to NFL Week 3 Recap

  1. Bruce says:

    I had a bad week 8/16 and now we are tied at 31/48.

  2. Doug says:

    My week 3 was sort of down as well. I’m struggling while CowboysHomer is pulling away. I would say I’m tired of 2nd but then I may get third so I’m cool right now.

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