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NFL Prognostication Week 3

My picks are in bold.  Lions at Eagles Dolphins at Jets Vikings at Chiefs 49ers at Steelers Colts at Texans Cardinals at Ravens Rams at Buccaneers Bills at Patriots Chargers at Packers Browns at Raiders Bengals at Seahawks Jaguars at … Continue reading


Send Your Child to the Blue Man School

Maybe you threatened to run away and join the circus when you were little, but your child is a savvy New Yorker. “I’m joining Blue Man Group!” he yells every time you say no more cookies. According to Adam Green’s … Continue reading

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What’s up with Jim Carrey?



Baby Bears Romp in Backyard

One Highland Lakes, New Jersey homeowner got quite a shock when she looked outside on Tuesday. Three very playful Black Bear were checking out the backyard hammock swinging between two trees. All the baby bears took a turn on the … Continue reading

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Tabloid Headline Generator


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More men want their engagement photographed

Whether inspired by tenderhearted sentiment, the desire to record history in the making or something more narcissistic, some marriage-minded men are remaking one of humanity’s most private moments into one that can be instantly shared with family, friends and even, … Continue reading

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There are 14 punctuation marks in English grammar

Can you name at least half of them? Answer

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Will It Blend? – Chuck Norris

We’ve really been struggling to find something that could challenge the Total Blender’s blending capabilities. What could we blend that’s stronger than anything we’ve ever blended? Then it hit us like a roundhouse kick to the face…Chuck Norris!

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