Almost Famous

This weekend I attended a conference so I could hear a couple of authors speak.  One of them happens to be a BON reader, and WifeGeeding and I attended one of her individual breakout sessions.  She immediately recognized us and introduced us to her 6′ 8″ husband.  His first words to me, “Wow, you’re taller in person.” 

I had to chucke because I thought it was a bit ironic that a 6′ 8″ person would tell a 5′ 9” (and a quarter, that’s an important quarter inch thank you) that he was taller than he thought.

During this breakout session of about a 100 or so people Margaret was nice enough to introduce me as a “celebrity” and briefly interviewed me about my silly little webpage.  That was the high-light of the weekend.

Here’s a review of her lateset book from the Dallas Morning News.

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2 Responses to Almost Famous

  1. Jeremy Myers says:

    I was there, and because of her comments, have now added you to my bloglines!

    My wife and I read through some of your recent posts, and laughed and laughed. The iBible post was the funniest thing I have seen in a while.

  2. littlepastor says:

    Don’t forget your old blogging friends. 🙂 Big-Timer!

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