All is right in the world – The NFL is back

  • Prognosticating is hard.
  • The John Mellencamp song “This is Our Country” is already over played.
  • I wish NBC would have chosen another intro song, but at least it wasn’t Pink singing.
  • Faith Hill looked slutty.
  • Jerry Jones has some funny commercials as of late.  Too bad he’s the most marketable Cowboy.  It was interesting to see Jerry, Tony Romo, and Wade Phillips all in a commercial.  Wade actually shown some personality.  I think a funny nickname for Wade Phillips is Wide Phillips.
  • I thought it was a creative idea for the Colts to come out of a huge replica of their Super Bowl ring rather than some inflatable something-or-another.  I’m sure every Super Bowl champion will  follow suit from here on out, but the Colts will always be the first.
  • I wonder if the NFL on Fox will change their graphics package.  The futuristic robot package with all the mechanical sound effects was cool when it first came out, but honestly, it’s old and it’s time for them to come up with something new.
  • I bet the Jimmy Johnson Barry Switzer segment will be entertaining.
  • Curt Menefee will be the host for the Fox pre-game show.  If Fox was smart, they would have signed Dan Patrick as soon as he announced he was leaving ESPN Radio to host Fox pre-game.  You have to admit, that’s a damn good idea I just came up with.
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