‘The Wonder Years’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

wonderyearssfd.jpgJosh Saviano

Played: Paul Pfeiffer, Kevin’s nerdy best friend

Where Is He Now? Despite Internet rumors, Saviano did not grow up to be Marilyn Manson. In fact, he graduated from Yale with a degree in political science before going on to get his law degree. He is currently an associate at a New York law firm.


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7 Responses to ‘The Wonder Years’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

  1. Squirrlie says:

    Holy crap! He looks like Stone Gossard!

  2. ania says:

    he looks scary, this role must have had bad influence on him

  3. jill says:

    he looks really nice;]….and he has nice eyes!!

  4. Andrea says:

    Nice rude comments. Yes, I'm so embarrassed to be an American.

    • aussietraveller says:

      Andrea, Yes I can see some of these comments are disgustingly rude and judgemental, but don't be too harsh on the general population, I am Australian, and we have bad stereotypes too. When I went to the US, I found people to be very friendly 🙂

  5. Andrea says:

    He did a fabulous job as an actor, and it is wonderful that he focused on getting educated and learning beyond all normal levels and standards. As far as looks goes, he is very handsome.

  6. ahmadinedschad says:

    No, Hes Marylin Manson.I know it.

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