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Semper fi in his eye

There’s no mistaking which branch of the military Nicholas Popaditch served with — his prosthetic eye is embedded with the Marine Corps emblem. Popaditch, a retired gunnery sergeant and tank commander from San Diego, was wounded by a rocket-propelled grenade … Continue reading

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“Lost on Gilligan’s Island”

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Over 1,700 arcade manuals in PDF format

If you were saying to yourself “Now, where can I browse over 1,700 arcade manuals in PDF format?”, your prayers were just answered. This is over three gigabytes of manuals, schematics, and general information about arcade machines, scanned in by … Continue reading

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17 Days in Bean Town

Several months ago one of my buddies made plans to take me and some other close buddies to Boston (Sept 13-16) to catch a Red Sox – Yankees game.  WifeGeeding was kind enough to let me on on such an adventure, … Continue reading


Surfing in Alaska?

A bit of a language warning at the beginning.

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Top 20 Referrals to BON since Aug 2005

Site URL Number of requests 1. http://www.bagofnothing.com/ 6,762,048 2. http://profile.myspace.com/ 512,746 3. http://bagofnothing.com/ 412,698 4. http://www.nfo.co.il/ 409,286 5. http://images.google.com/ 230,183 6. http://skattershooting.blogspot.com/ 127,388 7. http://www.stumbleupon.com/ 69,234 8. http://sturminator.blogspot.com/ 47,822 9. http://nfo.co.il/ 42,722 10. http://gayaruangkepelbagaian.wordpress.com/ 41,195 11. http://images.google.ca/ 30,224 12. http://images.google.co.uk/ … Continue reading


Survivor China First Look

The cast has a WWE Diva, a Christian talk show host, and a grave digger among others.  No Texas connection this year. Official Website

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Bird grilled, but lives to tell tale

A wild bird is little worse for wear after being hit by a car while crossing a road, then spending two days trapped behind the car’s grille. Connie Ankli said she unknowingly drove around with the bird, believed to be … Continue reading

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