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Tom Snyder

I never had the opportunity to watch Tom Snyder’s “Tomorrow Show,” but I did catch him when he had a show after Letterman and totally loved it. This clip starts with a tribute from Conan O’Brien and highlights interviews with … Continue reading


The 10 Most Caffeinated Diet Drinks

If you are moderating your caffeine intake – it’s worth noting that most diet soft drinks have as much (or sometimes even more) caffeine than their sugar-filled counterparts. Diet Coke in particular has 30% more caffeine than regular Coca-cola. Here … Continue reading

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Crazy Murder-Suicide

Not that all murder-suicides aren’t crazy, but this one has a little different element to it.  The mother shot her two children, her husband, and then herself; and left a note was left warning emergency that the bodies were infected with … Continue reading

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