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Mappy Hour

Map + Happy Hour = MappyHour. Get it? Huhuhuh. Zing! Link

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America’s 30 Coolest Entrepreneurs Under 30

At 14, Sean Belnick took $500 and started selling office chairs online. Today, he’s running a $24 million furniture company whose customers include Microsoft, Google, and the Pentagon. See the other 29 here.

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Earbud cord wrapper in 5 minutes or less


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There Are 12 Kinds of Ads in the World

In 1978, Donald Gunn was a creative director for the advertising agency Leo Burnett. Though his position implied expertise, Gunn felt he was often just throwing darts—relying on inspiration and luck (instead of proven formulas) to make great ads. So, … Continue reading

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Cardboard Cutouts of Kids Slows Traffic

Mike Wood didn’t intend on slowing motorists north of West Salem — he was just trying to advertise his business.But as luck would have it, Wood was able to do both. The owner of Mike’s Sign Factory located on state … Continue reading

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History of Artificial Eyes

The eye was a symbol of life to the ancient world, particularly in Egypt, where bronze and precious stone eyes were placed on the deceased. The Romans decorated statues with artificial eyes made of silver. Ambrose Paré (1510-1590), a famous … Continue reading

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Has a new embedded media player which I think is pretty darn cool.   This was on their home page today as their top story.

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