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That wasn’t in the plans

Loyal BON reader George was backpacking in Washington state and sent me this email: Hey Keith,  I’ve had some adventure this last week. We went backpacking up in the cascades and we almost lost a guy. He had a pretty … Continue reading

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I Found This Fascinating

It’s Californian ground squirrel versus rattlesnake in a potentially lethal showdown. But the squirrel has a secret weapon that until now has remained invisible to the human eye. The ground squirrel heats up its tail then waves it in the … Continue reading

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It’s a steal

All of the local DFW blogs today have mentioned that Troy Aikman has moved from his Plano house to one in Highland Park.  The list price for his 6 bedroom, 7 bath, 3 living area, 6 fireplace, and 6 car garage house … Continue reading


A Million Bullets Per Minute

Metal Storm is an Australian defence technology company that makes guns that can fire up to a million rounds per minute. The weapons contain bullets that are loaded directly into the barrel in stacks and then fire one after the … Continue reading