It’s a steal

All of the local DFW blogs today have mentioned that Troy Aikman has moved from his Plano house to one in Highland Park.  The list price for his 6 bedroom, 7 bath, 3 living area, 6 fireplace, and 6 car garage house is $4,000,000.

The ABC news affiliate in the area has been doing a story about how million dollar homes in Dallas county have been taxed at a much lower price than the houses’ market values.  For instance, a $6,000,000 home would be taxed at $4,000,000 for some reason.  So BON decided to do some investigative reporting and see what Collin country has the house taxed at.

The BON reporting team discovered that the house is taxed at $4,736,453.  It appears they are selling the house for a pretty bargain price since list prices or market values are usually considerably much higher than what they are taxed at.  I would buy it myself but it would make my commute longer and I’m a little bit short on that asking price.  That and I just put up a fence I’m really proud of.



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2 Responses to It’s a steal

  1. littlepastor says:

    You could play some serious nerf football in that living room!

  2. Doug says:

    Foundation – Pier and Beam??? That’s a joke right? Isn’t that the type of house where your dog sleeps under the porch?

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