17 Days in Bean Town

Several months ago one of my buddies made plans to take me and some other close buddies to Boston (Sept 13-16) to catch a Red Sox – Yankees game.  WifeGeeding was kind enough to let me on on such an adventure, and Fenway is one of the places I wanted to visit before I meet graveGeeding.  This should be the view from our seats at Fenway.


However, today I got news that because of the bigger cubical I’m moving into I’ll be back in Boston Sept 30 – Oct 12.  Man, not only is this going to affect blogging, but I’m really going to miss DogGeeding.  Oh, and WifeGeeding as well.

For those two weeks I’m considering having guest posters on BON.  I’m thinking maybe having a total of five guest posters make 2-3 posts throughout the day. 

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2 Responses to 17 Days in Bean Town

  1. littlepastor says:

    I am so freaking jealous that you get to go to Fenway park! One of the few places in the entire world that I’ve always wanted to eat a hotdog and drink a beer in.

  2. Warren says:

    Try not to get an obstructed seat.

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