Somethings just don’t make sense

Last Thursday I made a post about visiting a doctor.

Yesterday I had to return to the specialist (don’t worry, I think I still have at least two good years of blogging left in me).

When I signed in at the front desk, the receptionist asked for my insurance card so she could make a copy.  I told her that she made a copy of my card just three days earlier, but she insisted that I provide her with the card.  Sure enough I did, and sure enough she made another copy of it even though she already had a copy on file.

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2 Responses to Somethings just don’t make sense

  1. Doug says:

    Same thing at my Dr. I now have a new approach. Just don’t provide it! I just say “sorry I forgot it but my info hasn’t changed.”

  2. Heather says:

    That would be our efficient healthcare system at work for ya!

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