Rangers win, 30-3


In the first game of what was supposed to be just a harmless doubleheader between two teams going nowhere, the Rangers scored and scored and scored some more. When their bats finally stopped smoking, they had branded the Orioles with a 30-3 loss.

It was the first time since 1900, considered the beginning of the “modern era” that a team had reached 30 runs. It’s also the largest margin of victory in the modern era, as well.

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I’m sure I wasn’t the only Rangers fan thinking our bullpen would still blow the game.

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One Response to Rangers win, 30-3

  1. Doug says:

    After we scored the touchdown AND a field goal in the 8th I turned it off. I can’t believe we kicked two more field goals in the ninth. That just seems like overkill.

    By the way, can the batter take a knee?

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