Police searching for ‘professionals’ who removed man’s testicles

Russell Angus just wanted relief from the pain in his groin.

So the 62-year-old St. Paul man asked doctors to remove his testicles. They refused.

He then hired “professionals” to do the surgery for him.

Now, police are looking for the two to three individuals who removed Angus’ testicles at his home July 28. Police say the surgery is potentially illegal; anyone who performs medical procedures in Minnesota must be licensed to practice.

“Based on my knowledge and experience, I know that it is not common or usual for a licensed medical practitioner to perform surgery in the nonsterile environment of a private home,” Sgt. Richard Munoz wrote in an affidavit.

Police responded to Angus’ home July 28 to assist medics on a report of an injured male.

When officers arrived, they saw that an upper-level room had been converted into a makeshift operating room complete with an operating table, medical equipment and a camera.

Angus told police that he had hired two to three people to remove his testicles in his home and that he was not conscious during the surgery.

He said that when he woke up, his testicles and the “professionals” were gone and he was bleeding profusely from his groin. He called his daughter, Jessica Zemek, 26,who came over and called for help.

Police found blood in the living room, the hallway and bathroom. Angus was taken to Regions Hospital for treatment. He has since been discharged.

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