I wonder what caused the crash

ALBUQUERQUE (Reuters) – A New Mexico motorcycle police officer crashed and died on Monday while escorting U.S. President George W. Bush and his motorcade from a political fund-raiser back to the airport, the White House said.

The officer, Germain Casey, crashed as the president’s motorcade was arriving at the airport and his limousine passed by the scene where two other officers were performing CPR on the fatally injured man.

An ambulance in the president’s motorcade stopped to provide assistance, as did a member of the White House medical staff. A local television station reported the officer had collided with another motorcycle.

Bush said he was deeply saddened by the officer’s death and grateful for his protection. He later called the officer’s wife to express his condolences.

Motorcycle police officers often escort the president’s motorcade, blocking off intersections as it proceeds. A motorcycle officer in Hawaii died last year after sustaining injuries in a crash while escorting Bush.

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