For all those like me that warm up a frozen meal for lunch – Because you’re too lazy to make a sandwich …

I can’t believe I paid two bucks for this.

If you’ve ever said the above about a frozen meal, shelf-stable food, or convenient snack, maybe you should be reading HeatEatReview. Our mission is to eat at work (or school or home), then report back to you on ease of preparation, deliciousness, and bang for the buck of each item.

We’re a team of dedicated non-profit employees, students, and associates willing to sacrifice our tastebuds and stomachs so that you don’t have to walk down the frozen food aisle wondering what’s worth your money. Also, we’re a bunch of dedicated non-profit employees, which means that we can’t afford to eat gourmet salads every day of the week.

Let us make your life easier; read HeatEatReview.

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