Fish Spa – The Fish Will Eat Dead Skin Off Of You

A newly emerged “fish spa” is becoming fashionable in many hot spring resorts, and has attracted even more customers, all curious about this peculiar treatment.

At such a spa, many Garra Rufa, a type of small tropical fish, also nicknamed Chinchin Yu, nibble fish or simply doctor fish, are put in hot springs. As they can live and swim freely in at least 43-degree-hot waters, they are naturally used for the treatment of skin diseases in such spas.

When placed in the spa, these fish can feed themselves on the dead cells of the human body, since they only consume such cells, leaving the healthy skin of the human body to grow. The whole process is reportedly free of pain. It won’t hurt and the bather might feel a pleasant tingling on his or her skin.

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10 Responses to Fish Spa – The Fish Will Eat Dead Skin Off Of You

  1. Doug says:

    You can enjoy the same thing over at Grapevine Lake. Those minnows are relentless.

  2. Ashley says:

    thats honestly soooo discusting…

  3. Alfred says:

    Try the same thing with sunfish…. You'll only do it once..

  4. JM says:

    I swam in a lake in Greece and these fish were in it. They were black though.

  5. Curious says:

    That honestly is gross… btut since it works to kill dead cell then cool. I wouldn't try but i recommend for you guys to use st.ives. or nevea

  6. lil d. says:

    LoL u ment disgusting … with a G

  7. Amazing idea!! i think that would be very relaxing strategy..I want also to try that fish spa soon..

  8. Awesomeness says:

    Lol you meant MEANT… with an A.

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