Fantasy Football Thoughts

A few folks have been asking me if I’m going to have a BagOfNothing fantasy football league this year.

The answer . . . I don’t know.

I really prefer playing the Sporting News version since it’s of the salary cap variety.  But the fee usually keeps anyone from joining.  I think it’s around $20. 

I don’t know if I would be open to joining another league from ESPN, Yahoo!, or


I’ll make a decision my Monday.  It would be kinda neat playing against my readers.

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4 Responses to Fantasy Football Thoughts

  1. iwear2020 says:

    Lets play…..!

  2. BSG says:

    I’d be interested. Normally use Yahoo.

  3. blur says:

    I’d play. I think I can fit in another league. I’m already in five. (Yes. I know – I have a problem.)

  4. Cowboys Homer says:

    The draft versions are fun to play. Yahoo has a a great free online draft version.

    If TSN is your cup of tea, set up a league in the free version. It has a $35M roster with fewer players.

    Here is a link to another type of league you might find interesting.


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