Breaking Stupid Laws

This guy documents himself breaking silly laws.

For instance, it is illegal to drink beer from a bucket in St. Louis.



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2 Responses to Breaking Stupid Laws

  1. John Paul says:

    I see that they passed through Boston on their “crime spree”…I was not aware of laws against facial hair…many of the Bostonian College students and professors would be guilty of that crime….had they been there in the winter they could have had a snow ball fight, which I was told (when I went to college there) that the law is still on the books that prohibits snow ball fights within the Boston city limits….I can only imagine that this was originally placed on the books after the situation leading up to the Boston Massacre was elevated due to the crowds throwing snowballs, ice and stones (some in the snow balls) at the British Soldiers….just my guess though…

    Just thought I would share on “Stupid” law that appears to still be active…

  2. noevadeaux says:

    Yep, some laws were made to be broken. I hope he “makes a killing” off their little crime spree! What fun they must be having! Thanks again BON – we lollered.

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