BagOfNothing Fantasy Football

Well, I finally made up my mind on what to do with fantasy football this year.  Instead of choosing a free league or a paid league, I thought I would just play both.

Here’s the free league from Yahoo!:
Link     Rules
Group ID: 4737
Group Name: BagOfNothing
Password:  bagofnothing

It should be neat trying something new with the Yahoo! version, but I’ve played the Sporting News version for the past seven or so years and totally love it.  The downside, it’s going to cost about $20, $17.99 if you sign up for the early bird special which ends in about 3 days.  In short, it’s only about a $1 a week to play.

Here’s the Sporting News league info:
League Name: BagOfNothing
Password:  bagofnothing
Link     Rules

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One Response to BagOfNothing Fantasy Football

  1. Todd Pingman says:

    But even these aren’t REAL Fantasy Football!?! Why the weird salary cap games?

    But again, why do I care? Sorry..

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