The World’s Safest Table Saw

SawStop’s 10” cabinet saw was developed from the ground up with a particular focus on safety and quality. It features a revolutionary safety system that stops and retracts the blade (within 5 milliseconds) upon accidental contact, drastically reducing the severity of user injury. The safety system provides invisible protection (doesn’t interfere with your work), is always “on” and performs continuous self tests.

I would have liked to see a real finger tested instead of a hotdog.


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3 Responses to The World’s Safest Table Saw

  1. Roland says:

    Are you offering your finger??
    I think i’ll just stick to the hot dog..

  2. Shawn Wilson says:

    That cut on the hotdog would still hurt like crazy on a finger!!!

  3. John Paul says:

    as a weekend woodworker, I’d have to say, better a slight nick than no finger(s)…my grandfather, in his old age and decreasing level of balance, took off two fingers and cut his thumb down the length before you could even blink…it took him a second or two to even realize what had just happened…table saws (as well as most of the other tools found in a woodworkers shop) are much more dangerous (when not given the proper level of respect) than most people think…thankfully the doctors were able to reattach the fingers and mend the thumb, but that was accomplish contrary to the odds…

    I have actually seen a live demonstration of this table saw and it is truly amazing…of the two demos, both “nicks” on the hotdog were barely perceivable…and that was pushing the hotdog into the blade at a relatively good speed. Hopefully, once the company gets there feet under them, they will start applying the same technology to other tools (the router would be my vote for next tool to be fitted…at operating speeds of 25,000 rpm, it makes my stomach a little quessy each time I turn it on and think of the possible damage it could easily do to my hands)

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