Police Chief Writes Himself Ticket

180.jpegKEWASKUM, Wis. — It’s not usually news when a police officer writes a ticket — unless it’s the chief and he gives the ticket to himself.  

Village of Kewaskum Police Chief Richard Knoebel said he was driving to work when he became distracted by a truck stopping on one side of the street.  

He said he didn’t see a school bus with its lights flashing and a stop sign out on the other side of the four-lane road.

The chief said he didn’t know he had passed the stopped bus until it was too late.

When he realized what he had done, he issued himself a $235 ticket.

“When we get someone for not stopping for a flashing school bus we give them a citation. So I shouldn’t be any different so I did,” Knoebel said.

Not only did the chief have to pay a hefty fine, he gave himself a four-point penalty on his license.


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  1. hot_banana says:

    good to know that there are still honest people out there.

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