The Jimi

I have a friend named Jimi.  He is named after Jimi Hendrix, which is why his name is spelled with the “i” at the end. 

Anywho, I found a website called:

Here’s a short description of the website:

Welcome to the Jimi Store, online home of all things Jimiâ„¢. The Jimiâ„¢ wallet, Jimiâ„¢ iPod nano case, and accessories like the Jimiâ„¢ Multi Media case and the SD card clip.

I wonder if he owns this website and has never told me.

Here is a picture of my friend Jimi, he’s the one wearing the shirt and hat, and no, this isn’t a doctored picture.


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One Response to The Jimi

  1. Bella says:

    This is ironic….

    My father works in a molding company that actually made those…I have to of them right now… Very Nice 🙂

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