This and That and Lotto Poll Results

  • Some of you were wondering why your comments are not showing up.  It’s probably because I have a spam filter.  When you own a website and allow comments, sometimes you get a lot of spam postings from people trying to plug websites.  This program looks for certain key words, names, and made up email addresses.  So if you want your comment to appear, either use your real information or make up stuff that doesn’t seem so ‘spamish.’
  • Mom Update:  She had a second round of chemo yesterday.  This dose isn’t going to be as strong, so hopefully she won’t cough up any blood this time around.  The good news is that some of her kidney functions have returned and will be taken off dialysis for now.  I’m not trying to get my hopes up, but it was good to hear good news for a change.  She’s still in the hospital, and has been there since the end of Aug, and we still aren’t sure when she will get to come home.
  • I really like created polls where you can input an answer because it’s very interesting and entertaining to see what y’all come up with.  What surprised me the most this time was the last option someone created.  There are actually two people who want to fly home from Hong Kong and see their girlfriend. 



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5 Responses to This and That and Lotto Poll Results

  1. LittlePastor says:

    I personally want to know how to purchase some forgiveness?

  2. MToots says:

    Great news about MomGeeding!!!

  3. Moldy says:

    Guess the girlfriend wants me to win the lottery too!!!

  4. Trinity13 says:

    Sounds like some good news about your mom…I’ll continue to keep her in my prayers.

  5. Pat says:

    Hear Aids for Sister

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