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The Baker’s Edge

My favorite part of the brownie is the edge or corner piece, so this should come in handy. The Baker’s Edge is the first and only pan to give brownie edge lovers more of what they want – more edges! … Continue reading

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Burn Custom Images On Your Toast

This will be the last toast post until the next toast post. Source

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Give your pet a heart attack

Just place the sofa guard on your couch or favourite armchair and switch on the device. As soon as your pet jumps onto the mat, which is fitted with sensors, an audible 105 decibel alarm will go off. Link

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How many pounds of food will one person eat in a lifetime?

Found this question at Ask Yahoo! A newsletter from the Wolfe Clinic sets a person’s total intake at 60,000 to 100,000 pounds. Another site gives the answer in terms of a math problem: “An elephant weighs about 10,000 pounds. In … Continue reading

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Automatic Hand Dryer For The Home

For $64.99 you can leave the bathroom with damp hands and wipe them on your pants. Link

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Survivor Cook Islands Talk

The current season of Survivor has been off the hook, but I especially loved tonight’s episode.  There was so much tension and garbage aired out it was almost uncomfortable to watch, and I loved every moment of it.  But I … Continue reading

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Stallone Born Again?

No matter what, you can overcome your past,” he said. “With help, if you look to God, you can overcome your past and be reborn.”Hmm. That’s an interesting quote. You may be wondering who said it. Sounds like it would … Continue reading

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That will show him

U.S. Bans Sale of IPods to North Korea The Bush administration wants North Korea’s attention, so like a scolding parent it’s trying to make it tougher for that country’s eccentric leader to buy iPods, plasma televisions and Segway electric scooters. … Continue reading

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