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In case you ever need to get off the phone and need a little help doing so. Link The “please deposit 25 cents” was a pretty clever one I thought.

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Tiki Thoughts

Lots of talk about Tiki Barber retiring at the end of this season and his motivation.  Well, here are my thoughts: When the Giants were eliminated from the playoffs last year, he questioned the coaching staff.  Then earlier this year, … Continue reading

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Where’s Trinity?

The person that comments the most on BON had a baby yesterday Mom and baby are healthy. He was born at 17:12, weighed 6lb 13.5oz, and was 18.5″ long. Congratulations on the little Buckeye!  


Halloween Poll Results

Yeah, this one has been up for a while.  I’ll try to change polling questions more often.

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My poor niece

The Baylor-Brainwashing has begun . . .


One Really Sweet Looking Yacht


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Tempting Site of the Day

This design might look pretty, but it took a lot of work. Hint:  It’s not a tattoo, but more like scarring. To see how this was done, visit this site if you have the stomach.

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Smoking on Airplanes

BERLIN (AP) — A German entrepreneur wants to create a nostalgic smokers’ haven above the clouds by starting a nicotine-friendly airline offering Cuban cigars, caviar and flight attendants in designer uniforms — as well as smoking allowed in every seat. … Continue reading

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