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barbertiki14.jpegLots of talk about Tiki Barber retiring at the end of this season and his motivation.  Well, here are my thoughts:

When the Giants were eliminated from the playoffs last year, he questioned the coaching staff.  Then earlier this year, he told fantasy players not to pick him because he doesn’t get the ball when they are near the goal line. 

Translation: He’s not happy with the Giants. 

I also think he’s the type of guy that only wants to play for one team for his entire career.  So his options are to play and be unhappy, or retire and do something else.  He’s opting for retirement.

He also has been doing TV stuff for Fox News, not to mention he’s been to the White House Correspondents’ dinner and is friends with Condoleeza Rice. 

Prediction:  He’s running for something in the next three elections.  As a black Republican former pro-football player, he will have a broad range of voters.  My guess is that he will be running for the Senate. 

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One Response to Tiki Thoughts

  1. Doug says:

    I partially agree. He was wildly successful on that Fox n Friends and he realized he doesn’t have to lay knocked out on the Texas Stadium floor to make a living.

    Not so sure about running for politics. Being a Senator would be a huge beating.

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