Discriminating Cracker Barrel?

crackerbarrel2.jpegOne of my black friends at work told me about an experience he had at Cracker Barrel several years ago.  It was about how they never waited on he and his wife after being seated for over 30 minutes. After he spoke with the manager, they took it up with their corporate office, then received a letter stating that they found nothing inappropriate was done.

Then today I found this story about Chris Rock’s mom:

CHARLESTON, South Carolina (AP) — Rose Rock, the mother of comedian Chris Rock, claims she was racially discriminated against when she was seated but ignored for a half hour at a Cracker Barrel restaurant along the South Carolina coast.

It is extremely hard for me to believe that a corporation this size would actually try to discriminate and drive away customers.  However, it is interesting how these two events are related. 

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One Response to Discriminating Cracker Barrel?

  1. WifeGeeding II says:

    Cracker Barrell has crappy service. I have waited for 30 minutes to hour as well. I don’t go in there unless I have unlimited amount of time to sit and get angry!

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