Bag of Randomness for Friday, May 20, 2022

  • I attended my second physical therapy session yesterday. My therapist is from India and speaks with an accent. I have a feeling she’s experienced some racism and bigotry in her life. I find her extremely knowledgeable and friendly. An elderly Chinese woman walked in with her husband. Neither spoke English. My therapist volunteered to help her, as the other therapists seemed hesitant because of the language challenge. Then, I thought I was in the middle of a commercial. My therapist brought over her laptop and, using Google Translate was able to communicate with her. She identified her needs and even built up a bit of report with some compliments I could overhear. Smiles, laughter, and the look of compassion in someone’s eyes don’t need translation. In a bit of irony, I was thinking of all the times I’ve called customer service only to get someone who has an Indian accent, and here are two Asians who don’t understand each other who are taking the time to understand each other.
  • Last night we attended DaughterGeeding’s softball awards banquet. I always envisioned going to these things, she getting recognized, and me glancing at her mother, making eye contact and smiling, celebrating our daughter together, and then all driving home as a family. Instead, she sat across the table from me and I barely spoke or made eye contact with her, fearing she would take something the wrong way and file another lawsuit to keep the children away from me.
    • The banquet was held at a family owned Italian restaurant. Great food, extremely slow service. Towards the end of the long evening, the kids and I were ready to jet, but we still haven’t been given the bill. I hunted down a staff member to get our ticket, and to make things easier on everyone, I paid for my ex’s meal. She seemed upset once she found out and said she was sorry for not having money to give me for her meal. That’s odd, as we’ve been using Zelle to exchange funds for all sorts of reimbursements, so she didn’t need to give me cash. But she offered to pay the tip, and I took her up on it.
    • Only eight more years of this.
    • Yesterday I finished reading Boundaries Face to Face: How to Have That Difficult Conversation You’ve Been Avoiding. It took me about a full year to complete as it. Not because the text was too complex, but it made me think of my ex and all the bad stuff that happened. Supposedly, upon the urging of our daughter’s pediatrician, we’re going to have a mediated discussion with our pastor on how to be better divorced parents. My ex hates any time of confrontation and any form of criticism, fleeing at any possible appearance. Thanks to her parents and soft upbringing, she’s a coward. It’s one reason why she’s a kindergarten teacher. I thought the book would be helpful for her and our upcoming conversation, so I left it for her at her school with a short note. At dinner, as I expected, she didn’t even acknowledge or thanked me she received the book, which I know for certain she did.
    • While waiting for the server to return with my credit card, my ex was standing next to me for some reason. The restaurant was playing some very romantic music, and It’s Been a Long, Long Time started to play. The romantic in me wanted to grab my ex’s hand and slow dance in front of everyone. However, I refrained because I didn’t want to be arrested for assault. But man, I miss being romantic and trying to do things to make the love of my life tilt her head and smile. Thankfully, I now understand I deserve someone who would appreciate being treated that way.
  • It’s been about two weeks since I last made a post about how embarrassingly beat up BoyGeeding’s shoes are and wondering why his mother won’t buy him a new pair. There’s no excuse for why he’s still being forced to wear them, and it doesn’t matter that school is almost out for the summer. He deserves to be loved and taken care of better than what she’s currently doing. She doesn’t know how to prioritize, never did. I tell ya what, he’s getting a new pair this weekend.
  • The Aggie head football coach is acting like my ex-wife. – Texas A&M’s Jimbo Fisher responds to ‘narcissist’ Nick Saban: ‘We’re done’
    • Fisher said Saban has tried calling him since Saban’s comments went public but he’s not going to take the call. “We’re done,” Fisher said. “He shows you who he is.
    • Like my ex-wife, Fisher is a coward, refusing to even talk – on the phone, not even in person.  There’s no way I’d ever want my son playing for an immature whining imbecile like that.
  • Justin Thomas ‘blown away’ by high prices of beer and food at 2022 PGA ChampionshipWhen Thomas got wind of a report from Golfweek’s Steve DiMeglio, which said it will cost fans $18 for a beer and $16 for a salad at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma, he felt he had to say something.
  • Too bad it wasn’t another Kelsey who took a 95-mph baseball hit to the head. Here’s video of the at-bat, but you won’t see the actual impact.

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