Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, January 12, 2022

  • Hey, lookie here, three days of blog posts in a row.
  • My children informed me that Governor Abbott will speaking at their charter school in the near future. Press will accompany him, which makes my inner Barry Green wonder if he’ll have DPS shadow him for the unofficial endorsement. I recall his Republican opponent and carpetbagger, Allen West, spoke at their school at an evening event a few years ago.
  • I’ve never understood why we say we are “on” a bus, a train, a plane, or a boat, but we are “in” a car.
  • I read somewhere that if you use a subscription ink cartridge replacement service from HP or Canon and if you cancel, your remaining unused ink cartridges will no longer work because the company is able to void them by some identification number.
  • Sixty Years Ago, NASA Scientists Found That Women Would Be Better Astronauts. Their Work Was Never Published.
    • “First, there would be a reduction in the propulsion fuel required to send the rocket’s load into space, as women were lighter and would require less oxygen than men. Second, women were known to have fewer heart attacks than men… Third, the internal reproductive system of the female was thought to be less susceptible to radiation than that of the male. Finally, there were preliminary data available suggesting that women could outperform men in enduring cramped spaces and withstanding prolonged isolation.”
  • I lived in GeedingManor for 15 years before it had to be sold because of the divorce. I was really stressed at finding another place to live. No matter what, I was going to live as close to my children’s school as possible. My future ex was surprised, for some reason I still can’t comprehend, thinking I would choose a suburb about ten or fifteen miles away in the opposite direction.
    • One challenge I had was when my wife left me, she took the gas-powered SUV, my primary vehicle, and left me with the limited range (72 miles on a full charge) Nissan Leaf electric car. Legally, I could have forced her to return the SUV to me and for her to be stuck with the Leaf, but I knew it would be hard on her (and it certainly wouldn’t have been in our children’s best interest) to find an apartment or house set up for electrical car charging. Ever since, it’s been a challenge for me when I need to drive longer distances, I end up renting a gas-powered car. Our electric car worked out great for the lifestyle we had, as she drove the Leaf to and from school, church, and chores. We only used the SUV when she visited her parents and maybe filled it up less than ten times in a year. In retrospect, my friends said I should have forced her to take the electric car back, as her wealthy parents would have just bought her another vehicle.
    • Divorce was expensive, and I could only afford it with the sale of the house. I’ll go into details in future posts, but I had to spend over $40,000 in legal fees just to get the crappy deal I ended up with. She wouldn’t allow me to get the children 50/50. I had to exhaust our savings, spending money that would have gone to future vacations (memories), house upgrades, and cars for the children when they turn driving age. She, on the other hand, had her wealthy parents pay for all her legal fees. I find it odd, as much as they like to proclaim they are followers of Jesus Christ, that no one in her family wanted to keep a family together and chose divorce, and not counseling, or even a trial separation, as the first and only option. There was never any physical abuse or harm or any danger of it, despite whatever she might tell ya. Though she did like to twist my words around. For instance, I once told her that when I raise my voice, I do so from at least six feet away, so she knows she’s not in any physical danger. However, she told the judge, “Keith said it himself. He has to stay at least six feet away because he can’t control himself.” Those are entirely two different things, and her selective memory was always a problem in our relationship.
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  1. AndreaJN says:

    Hey – you’re on a streak! 🙂
    I never thought about the on / in difference in vehicles – interesting!!
    I was surprised to learn Redd Foxx’s character Fred Sanford was named after “Redd”‘s brother.

  2. Anonymous says:

    release is healing

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