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Dumb Decision, Coach


BYU ran the worst fake punt you’ll ever see in college football from its end zone

With 10:54 left in the second quarter, facing fourth-and-19 on its own 5-yard line and trailing Boise State 14-10 on the road, BYU made one of the strangest decisions you’ll ever see.

The Cougars broke out a fake punt with the punter nine yards deep in the end zone. Not a fake pass, but a designed run with the punter.

It failed miserably.

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How one man conceded an election with grace and dignity 


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Empty Bag For A While

My laptop isn’t working and I’m waiting on a part I ordered off eBay to arrive so I can repair it. I don’t feel comfortable using my work computer for blog related use, WifeGeeding’s Mac is too intimidating, and I don’t like the challenge of posting by mobile device.

Sorry for the inconvience. In the meantime, if you ever wanted to ask me any questions, feel free to do so and I may answer them upon my return.

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Bag of Randomness for Columbus Day 2016


  • This might be the only post you get this week, I’m taking some time off.
  • I’m not condoning what Trump said in that conversation with Billy Bush, but I’m really surprised at the fallout. This is hardly shocking, there’s been ample evidence he’s been like this his whole life in every form of media. That incident happened 11 years ago, he’s said similar stuff to Howard Stern in more recent interviews.
  • A Bush family member continues to be a part of the presidential race since 1980. Granted, there’s not a Bush on the ticket, but Billy is a nephew to 41 and cousin of 43.
  • I didn’t get a picture of him, but one guy in the debate audience looked equal parts Stephen King/Troy Aikman/Ben Stiller.
  • I noticed after the debate when everyone was congregating on stage, the audience members on stage were given disposable cameras to take pictures with the candidates.
  • After the election, there’s going be stories of Republicans claiming they were held hostage in selecting their nominee, even though they elected Trump to represent their party without any party or delegate tricks. Reagan used to be a Democrat and famously said, “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The party left me.” This armchair political pundit wonders if Republicans like Ryan, McCain, Cornyn, McConnell, Graham, and others are thinking the same thing. Their most active and vocal supporters and voters whittled their party nomination to Trump and Ted Cruz, a very different brand of conservatism. Two years ago they voted out their House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a primary because he wasn’t conservative enough. They won’t admit their party is divided, but it certainly isn’t united.
  • I bet the majority of Trump voters aren’t necessarily voting for him, they are simply voting against Hillary, it doesn’t matter who was running against her. To a lesser extent, I was more or less that way voting for John Kerry.
  • It seemed Trump was more interested in appealing to his base last night than winning over anyone else. He certainly gave them a lot of red meat.
  • Washington Post – Donald Trump has created an excruciating moment for evangelicals
    • This opinion piece is by R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville.
  • I think Trump should be president. With Trump’s history of respecting women and ability to direct attention elsewhere, he’s the perfect candidate to fill the vacancy at Baylor.
  • A news story that serves as a metaphor for this election – Bald eagle rescued from car grille
  • The Onion is a great follow on Twitter during the debates. And yes, he really was in the audince.
  • Pete Delkus had a wheels-off weather segment last night. If there was an “emergency brake of the week” winner for local news, he wins it hands down. There were technical issues, and you could tell he was getting pissed, and right when he threw it to the anchor, you could see he was just waiting to go off on someone. I’ve never seen the guy looked so upset.
  • And yet the sun doesn’t blind the players:
  • When I’m subjected to Phil Simms broadcasting a game, I’m reminded of this tweet:
  • For whatever reason, the Cowboys offensive line didn’t do the Landry Shift on the last play of the game. It’s something they’ve been doing for the last three years when running out the clock for a win.
  • Here’s an old pic of Kerry Von Erich wearing a Q102 shirt with brother Kevin wearing some type of Lewisville shirt.
  • Speaking of Lewisville, the fire department had an “open house” this weekend. On display was a piece of the fallen World Trade Center. Being the cynic that I am, I feel like hauling such a thing around is contrived and has a P.T. Barnum appeal. But then again, it means more to fire personnel than it does to me.
  • The Longhorns lost to their rival Oklahoma this weekend at the Cotton Bowl, and their radio voice was absent from the game as his wife died from cancer.
  • Praying for the oil patch: Oklahoma prayer initiative focuses on energy industry – Hubbard said Gov. Mary Fallin has proclaimed Oct. 13 as Oilfield Prayer Day to raise awareness about the initiative.
  • Man posing as delivery person in San Francisco hides resume in a box of donuts
  • David Letterman On Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon & Why He Doesn’t Miss Late Night
  • Inside the New York Public Library’s Last, Secret Apartments
  • 6 commercial jingles ’80s and ’90s Dallas kids will never forget
    • I was going to throw a hissy fit if 748-1414 wasn’t mentioned as it’s the combination to my luggage.
  • Golden Girls Action Figures Are Here to Shake Up Your Toy Collection
    • This reminds me of this Buzzfeed post and these tidbits:
      • Courteney Cox (who is 52 years old) is now older than Rue McClanahan was when she started on The Golden Girls.
      • She is also now older than Tom Selleck was when he first appeared as Dr. Burke on Friends.
      • and Will Smith is now three years older than James Avery (Uncle Phil) was at the beginning of Fresh Prince.
  • WifeGeeding is supposed to see her ocularist once a year to get her glass-eye polished. Yes, an eye prosthesis does get dirty, and if you are wearing a glass-eye, you can actually feel the difference. During her appointment, she noticed an autographed Baylor basketball jersey on the wall. It was from Isiah Austin, who I’ve written about before regarding his glass-eye and heart condition which was found just before the NBA draft. It turns out they share the same ocularist. Here’s an old article about Austin which includes the ocularist. Austin never revealed his prosthesis until after his playing days were over because he didn’t want opponents to have an advantage knowing that folks who see out of one eye don’t have any depth perception (you should see WifeGeeding try to light a candle or thread a needle). Despite his heart issue, we hear there may still be a chance at an NBA career.  The ocularist also made the eye prosthesis for this former model and attended her wedding. She lost her eye running into a spinning airplane propeller several years ago.
    Oh, and the ocularist has a prosthesis himself.
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda was unrecognizable to me when he did his SNL monolog with a fresh haircut and no facial hair, but he hit it out of the park with his opening performance.

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Can’t wait to she the kids of this live-action “He-Man” intro remake

I’m tempted to shoot my own Magnum remake like these guys.

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Bag of Randomness for Friday, October 7, 2016


  • DaughterGeeding like to read, she even reads on the way to school each morning. Yesterday, she looked up and asked, “Daddy, have you heard of the Titanic, the unsinkable ship?!”. I replied, “Yeah, you mean the ship that’s so unsinkable it sank,” and then she yelled, “HEY, NO SPOILERS!” with a huge look of disappointment on her face. I’ve got to remind myself she hasn’t been exposed to as much history and pop-culture as I.
  • Lately, I’ve really been valuing hugging my kids. In particular, being able to put my arms around them and noticing how much I can wrap them up, how I envelop them. The thing is, I know one day they aren’t going to want to be hugged and since they are growing, the hugs I share with them now will fade away and all I’ll have left is the memory of what it used to feel like.
  • I caught a little bit of the Rangers game on the radio. Chris Berman was doing play-by-play, and unlike the rest of America, I like him behind the microphone.
  • Rangers fans, step back from the ledge. Remember, last year they won the first two games of the series and we saw how that turned out – there are more games left to play.
  • I’m guessing this hurricane will be a setback for Zika control.
  • Nickelodeon’s ‘Double Dare’ gets new special
    • The network has announced Thursday it will air a commemorative half-hour special in honor of the show’s 30th anniversary, featuring behind-the-scenes content, vintage footage, and a look at new games taped earlier this year. Host Marc Summers, co-host Robin Marella and announcer John Harvey are expected to appear.
  • The Rock seems like a nice guy and all, but we’ve reached the point of him being over-exposed.
  • TxDot’s social media is getting into the Texas/OU rivalry spirit
  • I was surprised at how many people fell for this “trick” question. I guess a lot of folks was thinking “Who will win the election 5 weeks from now?”
  • Clowns Will March in Tucson to Prove They’re ‘Not Psycho Killers’
  • D Magazine – How Much Dallas CEOs Earn
  • Joe Buck reveals that his vocal cords were damaged due to his hair plug addiction
  • He just wanted to be a YouTube star – Teenager Confuses Google AdWords With AdSense, Ends up Owing Google $120,000 in Ads
  • I don’t think Ted’s heart is in it when it comes to campaigning for Trump.
  • Doesn’t seem like a good idea for Kodak – Kodak teases a new phone for an October 20 reveal
  • What old is new again – Lewisville drive-in to open at the end of the month
    • Coyote Drive-In, Denton County’s first drive-in theater since the 1980s, will open Oct. 21.
    • The five-screen theater, which will expand to six next year, is centered around a 10,000 square foot pavilion that serves as a full-service bar and restaurant.  Crews are building a fenced-in playground near the pavilion for children. The complex will also serve as a live music venue.
    • The movies themselves will be digitally projected from as far as 650 feet away onto 36-by-75-foot theater screens raised 20 feet off the ground. The screens have been wrapped in a special reflective surface that will help the light scatter more. Coyote Chief Operating Officer Steve Winn said the result would be images as bright as a controlled indoor theater.
    • Winn also said the theater will screen local sports events for free. Depending on demand, it could be Cowboys games or local school games, or something else entirely, he said.
    • This may be a good place to have a BagOfNothing gathering.
  • Most Distinctive Last Names by State
    • “Jensen” was a surprise to me.
    • dbb96ab4b85824613a6fca36ff6_1_post
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For added effect, he threw in, “…And your kids die, too.”

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Dad builds Ninja Warrior course for his daughter

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Bag of Randomness for Thursday, October 6, 2016


  • I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right….”
  • I’ve mentioned not too long ago about Tony Robbin’s taking a cold plunge every morning and while I don’t have a cold pool, I’ve been ending my showers just running cold water for a full minute. Yesterday I came across this article about a guy who took “freezing cold” showers every day for a week and another about starting the day with a cold shower. I’m curious to know if I’ll continue this once the cold weather hits. I think what I’m getting most from this experiment is the battle against willpower and forcing myself into a change of routine. In a way, it feels like tackling a challenge head-on and overcoming it.
    • Facing the shower head, I let the warm water hit the top of my scalp and then quickly turn off the hot water. I can feel the water change slightly from hot to warm in about 15-seconds and then that’s when the cold starts to hit. The sensation of the hot-warm-cool-cold water change from top to bottom, especially if you are living in the moment, feels like an embracement of nature.
    • While keeping the water hitting my scalp, I slowly turn around so it will go down my back. Since my body already went through the sensation of feeling the cold, the cold water hitting my back isn’t that shocking. However, if I only allow the cold water to hit my chest and then turn around, it’s quite uncomfortable acclimating to the cold. I stay this way at least for thirty-seconds
    • I end the cold water session turning back around and letting it run down my chest.
      • Other than feeling like I’ve overcome a challenge, the shot of adrenaline provides me with a certain level of alertness and focus.
      • I shower twice at day, and one may think a cold shower  right before bedtime might keep me awake, but it doesn’t. Studies show people sleep better in colder environments. I go to bed feeling cold and wanting to cover up and more relaxed, ready for sleep, instead of trying to get comfortable.
      • There have been studies which state cold showers or plunges help with depression and weight loss. That’s not my motivation, but I wouldn’t mind the added benefits. But one benefit is not having to “cool off” from a hot shower, getting that slight bit of perspiration after toweling off.
  • GIF – Weiner dogs playfully attack a lion
  • Former Baylor football player Rami Hammad was arrested back in August for stalking a Baylor student. Yesterday, he was arrested on campus by Baylor Police on two charges of criminal trespassing.
  • Mall of America takes bold stand by closing on Thanksgiving this year
    Stores still have the option to open, but mall executives want to put the emphasis back on Black Friday.
  • Buffalo news – Police: Out-of-shape officer candidate uses friend to take physical test
  • I’m using Google’s Project Fi as my mobile carrier and thinking about upgrading my pho9ne, so I naturally looked at Google’s new flagship phone, Pixel. The cheapest model is $649 or $27.04/month for 24 months. I’d prefer to pay for the phone upfront and avoid any finance or interest charges. I thought I’d do the math and see how much extra one would pay going the financing route, and one would actually save four cents if you choose the financing option. After reading the fine print, anyone who chooses the financing option is actually opening a credit card account with an introductory offer, “24 month equal pay financing offer with 0% APR” which can only be used for purchases at the GoogleStore. Also, I’m sure they’d get those four cents back after financing, rounding, niner.
  • Netflix just took another step toward getting its films into theaters
  • Buzzfeed – 6-Year-Old Victim Of Elementary School Shooting Had A Superhero-Themed Funeral
  • Archbishop Murphy High School – Everett, Washington – The high school football team nobody wants to play
    •  On the football field, Archbishop Murphy High School is a powerhouse, overwhelming its first three opponents this year by a combined score of 170-0. But winning by such margins is coming at a cost. The school is having trouble finding schools willing to play it. Since a mid-September blowout, three teams have now canceled on Archbishop Murphy.
    • Archbishop Murphy isn’t just big. Some of its players are the size of college and even professional players. There are six weighing at least 250 pounds, including three over 300 pounds.
    • One reason the players at Archbishop Murphy are so big is because as a private school, it can recruit players from around the region while public schools cannot. The growing call around the league is for Archbishop Murphy to play in a higher division.   
  • Why the Human Lifespan Ends at 122
    • The oldest human to have ever lived died at the age of 122—and that was nearly 20 years ago. A recent analysis of global demographic data suggests this may very well be the maximum age attainable by humans, and that it’s extremely unlikely anyone will ever live much beyond this advanced age. That is, unless we science the shit out of this problem.
  • GIF – This is one finely waxed automobile.
  • Goodbye, farewell, so long
    Vaya con Dios
    Good luck, wish you well, take it slow
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Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, October 5, 2016


  • I’m not sure the statement or the question, but one day my answer will be, “You can try to reheat french fries or freeze what’s left of an ICEE, but they just aren’t as good the second time.”
  • I thought the lead story for the ‘CBS Evening News’ would have been the VP debate since their own Elaine Quijano was the moderator. However, it was the second story, the lead story was Hurricane Matthew. I didn’t pay much attention to the debate, but like how Quijano ended one Q&A stating the question was about North Korea, indicating neither answered the question directly.
  • Speaking of Hurricane Matthew, I found this on Reddit – Hurricane Matthew passing directly over a weather buoy
  • Of course each party would, but they could have waited until after the event – GOP website declares Mike Pence winner of VP debate before it begins
  • Kaine and Pence both wore ties the color of their opponent’s party. That made me laugh because I feel like the decisions on a tie for such an event is a subtle attempt to try to woo the opposing party.
    • And that’s a nice segue to this article: Why red means Republican and blue means Democrat
      • In fact, there was a period when some of the networks, like NBC and CBS, had this color scheme reversed. In 1980, for example, NBC anchor David Brinkley declared the NBC map to “look like a suburban swimming pool” as Ronald Reagan’s big win over Jimmy Carter turned the NBC map almost entirely blue.
        Networks introduced colored maps to their election night coverage as a visual tool to distinguish themselves in the era of color television; CBS was first in 1972, and soon the others followed. By 1996, the television map color schemes aligned to what we are accustomed to now: red for Republicans and blue for Democrats.
  • My manager asked that I schedule some time to take off work. We can roll over 40 hours of vacation time each year, and for me to not lose any time, I have to burn 112 before the end of the year.
  • GIF – A small model experiment which shows you the importance of front-loading a trailer.
  • Baylor’s Title IX coordinator quits; results of recommendations cited
    • Crawford “was disappointed in her role in implementing the recommendations that resulted” from an independent investigation of the university’s handling of sexual-assault allegations committed by students, including football players, Baylor said in a news release late Monday night.
    • Late Monday night is 11:49 PM, per WFAA’s Mike Leslie. That’s a very odd time for a news release.
    • Crawford will be on ‘CBS This Morning’ this morning and she didn’t sign a confidentiality agreement (Baylor wanted to pay Crawford $1.5 million, with an additional $50,000 for signing a confidentiality agreement. Crawford then asked for $2 million; Baylor refused). Bills will be spilled – there’s even secretly recorded audio
      • Last month KWTX obtained a secretly recorded audio tape of a meeting between Crawford and members of the athletic staff in late July in which Crawford expressed frustration with the administration.
    • You can buy a Bring Back Art Briles shirt here.
  • Google kicked off its Pixel event with a ‘Silicon Valley’ intro
  • ‘Extinct’ species of tree found growing in Queen’s garden
  • Ben Stiller revealed his fight with prostate cancer yesterday. Until reading this Buzzfeed article, I didn’t realize about one in six men will get it.
  • The Magnum, P.I. theme song got stuck in my head for some reason yesterday and that lead to wonder how the series ended. (I think it’s because I saw something that reminded me of “scuba girl” featured in the show opening – here at the 14-second mark)
    • T.C. faces a reconciliation with his estranged wife. Magnum gets some surprising news about his theory that Higgins is really Robin Masters, when Higgins admits, finally, that he is indeed Robin. However, Higgins later recants that admission at Rick’s wedding. Magnum discovers that his former wife and her second husband have died, leaving the fate of his daughter, Lily, in his hands. Magnum decides to re-enlist in the Navy, at the rank of Commander, in order to give Lily a more stable home. The series ends with Magnum, in his Navy dress whites, and Lily leaving Hawaii for another naval base.
    • And now other Magnum stuff that got my attention when I was looking up that answer:
      • Magnum ‘Reboot’ Focusing on Iconic P.I.’s Daughter Eyed at ABC
      • One of Obama’s friends bought Robin’s Nest last year.
      • The answer Magnum provides for quitting the Navy, “I woke up one day at 33 and realized I had never been 23.”
      • The voice of Robin Masters, heard only a few times per season, was provided by Orson Welles
      • John Hillerman (Higgins) is still alive at age 83. The last I heard he was living in Texas, possible North Texas. I didn’t know he attended the Universit of Texas for three years.
      • Not sure why it surprises me, but Tom Selleck is 71 and the guy that played T.C., Roger Mosley, is 77.
        • Mosley is a licensed private helicopter pilot in real life, but when on the set of Magnum P.I. he was not allowed to do his own stunts. A pilot wearing a body stocking with muscles would be used instead.
      • There was a ‘Murder She Wrote’ crossover
        • “Novel Connection” — Jessica Fletcher comes to Hawaii when an attempt is made on Robin’s guests. The plot concludes on Murder, She Wrote in the episode “Magnum on Ice”.
      • The show also recognized the existence of the fictional elite state police unit that appeared in the series Hawaii Five-O. In the pilot episode, Magnum references the unit’s chief McGarrett by name. This was a tribute to the long-running show starring Jack Lord, that ran on CBS from the fall of 1968 through to the summer of 1980, to be replaced, in essence, in the fall of 1980 by Magnum, P.I.. The successor series to Hawaii Five-O paid tribute to Magnum, P.I. in the 2013 episode “Hoa Pili,” when the cast flew over the island in a helicopter to the sound of the Magnum, P.I. theme.
      • Didn’t the character Remington Steele also have some long series secret? And I think there was something about revealing MacGyver’s given name.
      • Here’s how the series ends, note there’s a little something at the end of the credits. I do like how you see Selleck in an Indiana Jones outfit in one brief scene as he was originally cast as the character.

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Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, October 4, 2016


  • GIF – Watching a ladybug take off to flight in slo-mo is a bit cooler than I thought.
  • I don’t know Michael Reagan (Son of Ronnie and Jane Wyman) all that well, but this tweet somewhat surprised me – @ReaganWorld Michael ReaganMy father would not support this kind of campaign,if this is what the Republican Party wants leave us Reagans out.Nancy would vote for HRC
  • I was flipping channels last night and saw Joan Jett and Bette Midler on ‘The Voice’ and was surprised at the amount of cosmetic surgery both obviously received.
  • ‘Gotham’ introducing a twin/cloned Bruce Wayne, with the young actor portraying him in nothing more than a long-haired wig, seems like a “jump the shark” moment.
  • Interesting Netflix marketing ploy – Netflix released two different trailers for its documentary Amanda Knox: one asking viewers to believe her; the other, to suspect her.
  • Here’s What Happens When You Crush A Car Spring In A Hydraulic Press
  • Amazon is cracking down on biased customer reviews
    • I like to check out Amazon reviews of a possible purchase, but usually use to see how valid the reviews are.
  • GM Has Built A Stealth Truck for the Army
    • The Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 is an electric truck powered by a hydrogen fuel cell that runs far quieter and cooler (between 60 to 80 degrees Celsius) than conventional automobiles. It’s almost a forward operating base unto itself, capable of producing 25 kilowatts of continuous power (and up to 50 kilowatts at peak output), along with two gallons of water per hour. The vehicle itself is a modified Chevy Colorado, rigged for off-road performance with bigger tires, better suspension, longer wheelbase, etc.
  • A great shirt for any Oklahoma Sooner fan (seriously)
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