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Bag of Randomness for Monday, December 5, 2016


  • It was one busy weekend which left me little time to do anything else, so it’s a tiny Bag of Randomness today. But I’ll leave you with this one picture of me with the kids from our cousin’s wedding. I’m certain it will be displayed at my funeral, it’s got that feel to it.
  • That Troy Aikman episode of the NFL Network’s ‘A Football Life’ was much better than I expected, mainly because they showed footage of how much he had to play bad cop after Jimmy Johnson left. Here’s footage I have never seen before of him on the sidelines going off, and I mean going off, on how the head coach and players aren’t doing anything to be held accountable or disciplined. The video should be cued to start the moment he goes on his tirade. I couldn’t embed it because the NFL chose not to allow this video to be embedded.
  • Our Agricultural Commissioner didn’t like his steak in Amarillo
    • “Terrible steak — more like prime rib which I HATE,” Miller wrote on a business card he left at OHMS Cafe & Bar.
    • In place of signing the check, he also wrote: “terrible meal!”
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Bag of Randomness for Friday, December 2, 2016


  • I’ll be in an outdoor wedding in Azle tomorrow. With the current forecast, it looks like it’s going to be an indoor wedding.
  • Bob Sturm of The TICKET stated that Dallas has had a team of each major sporting league since 1994. The only time all teams will make the playoffs in a season will be this year, as the Mavs, Stars, Rangers were already in the playoffs and the Cowboys are prone to make the playoffs. The only year all four teams didn’t make the playoffs was 2013.
  • Dez Bryant catching a deep ball and making it just to the goal line setting Ezekiel Elliott for a touchdown run reminded me a lot of how Michael Irvin would do the same for Emmitt Smith.
  • Troy Aikman is the focus on the latest NFL Network’s ‘A Football Life’ which airs tonight. That one is immediately followed by the Roger Staubach episode. Speaking of Captain America, this was how he was watching the game last night.
  • Since my concussion, I’ve had a continuous headache which usually mild but at other times hurts so bad I have to lay down.
  • A friend recently ate at a local establishment and a couple of servicemen in uniform sat nearby. He discretely spoke to his waiter and bought their lunch. When they discovered their meal was paid one of them gleefully comment that leaves more money to buy booze this weekend.
  • A very odd story out of Grapevine that includes celebrity attorney Gloria Allred, the husband is a pastor at Frisco’s Hope Fellowship – Lawsuit: Car salesman sent customer’s nude photos to swingers site
  • I’ve always been more of a Furr’s Cafeteria kinda guy – H-E-B to sell one of Luby’s iconic dishes in the freezer aisle soon
  • @matthewjdowdProblem for so many on social media and in our country today is they would rather have affirmation than information. On both sides.
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Giant Chicken McNugget

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Bag of Randomness for the First Day of December 2016


  • Our current and future president had a parent who was born overseas, Obama’s father was born in Kenya and Trump’s mother was born in Scotland. That hasn’t happened since Hoover (Canadian mother) and Wilson (English mother).
  • A lot of times, television shows will throw in product placement and not make it look so obvious, but last night, ‘Modern Family’ did it twice with Google Home and it was forced.
  • I check all our financial accounts daily just to make sure nothing fishy is going on. Yesterday, I discovered two Amazon transactions on our credit card that weren’t in our Amazon order history. Being the holiday season, I double checked with WifeGeeding to be sure it wasn’t some sort of present for me, and she hasn’t been on Amazon for a while. So I had to call to dispute the transactions. I also have credit and fraud protection monitoring, but they didn’t pick it up the transactions.
  • The United States leads the world for most space rocket launches in 2016 for the first time since the 1990s
    • The US will finish with 20 space rocket launches. China will finish in second with 19 and Russia in third with 18. Since the late 1960s Russia has been an undisputed leader in annual launch rates – launching about 100 rockets per year at its prime. Since 1957, Russia has launched over 3,000 rockets – roughly twice as many as the U.S.
  • WifeGeeding and a bunch of lady friends are attending a women’s church event tonight in which HGTV’s ‘Fixer Upper’ furniture maker Clint Harp and his wife will be the featured speakers. WifeGeeding and Harp were neighbors in an apartment complex in Waco and she took him to a sorority formal. I’m comfortable with her going, but I’d be lying if I said I was 100% completely comfortable. I sadly admit I have some embarrassing flaws, and admit I get easily jealous and have trust issues.
  • Jann S. Wenner of Rolling Stone had her fourth interviwed scheduled with President Obama the day after the election. But the the results being a surprise, she thought the interview would be called off. And now we have her last interview with Obama, the morning after the election – The Day After: Obama on His Legacy, Trump’s Win and the Path Forward
  • Buzzfeed – People Are Applauding This Dog For Trying To Clean Up His Own Pee With Toilet Paper – I’m a cynic, so I’m thinking the owner staged the photo. He’s a recording artist from Denton, I have a feeling he’s trying to get some publicity.
  • Deadspin – Baylor Regent: Getting A Full Report Would Have Cost Us Money
    • Waco-based KWTX said regent Dr. Ron Wilson spent Tuesday at a meeting members of Baylor’s faculty and staff where he, other regents, and interim Baylor President David Garland took questions that had been submitted in advance. Afterward, he told KWTX why nothing was released beyond a 13-page “findings of fact” that included almost no facts.
    • “Pepper Hamilton is an oral report so the process of writing would take four to six months. Also with the personal nature of the information so much of it would be redacted. Plus, the cost would be a factor,” Wilson said.
      • By only taking questions submitted by advance, they really wanted to control the conversation.
      • I can somewhat understand time being a factor, but cost?
        • And whatever added cost a written report would create probably doesn’t compare to the settlements Baylor is paying out to ex-coach Art Briles as well as the women who reported they were gang-raped by football players under Briles’s and the regents’s watch.
  • Dallas Cowboys linemen Zack Martin and Travis Frederick warm up before games by running receiver routes passing the ball to one another.
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It would be easier just to dip the bucket into the big pot

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Bag of Randomness for the last day of November 2016


  • President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Elaine Chao to be the next transportation secretary, and it makes the choice makes for an interesting piece of political trivia. She will be the second person to have been Secretary of Labor, Secretary of Transportation and be married to a Senate majority leader. The first . . . Elizabeth Dole.
  • I’m curious to know if any future Trump hotels or any going through any remodeling will be getting Carrier air conditioners.
  • The ugly Christmas sweater trend annoys me.
  • It recently occurred to me I haven’t had a really good laugh in a very long while. I used to get those often. I’m talking about the kind of laugh that I have to gasp for air, snort, and can neither sit or stand. I miss those moments and fear I’m now become too reserved around others and just plane surly.
  • Trump’s tweets haven’t caused me any concern, but they will if he starts to consistently use emojis. However, I find emoticons presidentially permissible. Don’t know the difference between emoticons and an emojis? Here you go, or just know emoticons are text and emojis are tiny pictures. (Note: Some apps will change your emoticons to emojis.)
  • A little mood lighting….
  • CBS11’s lead story at 10:00PM last night was about people stealing packages from porches, and referred to those thieves as “porch pirates”. That’s the first I’ve heard of the term.
  • Some are comparing that photo of Trump and Romey with iconic Dallas photo of Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson
  • A Midland, TX restaurant won’t serve people with visible face and neck tattoos and it seems they are basing that on a certain dress code standard for their establishment.
  • Today’s dose of etymology – Groggy
    • Grog is a concoction of rum, water and citrus juice that was originally drunk by British sailors and adopted by the U.S. Navy as a way to make stagnant water more palatable and to fight scurvy. Someone who is dazed or sleepy might feel as if they have had too much grog, making them “groggy.”
  • Bad Turkey – 3 Dead, 5 Others Sickened in Antioch After Thanksgiving Dinner: Health Officials
  • I’m highly curious who will win Texas Monthly’s Bum Steer award, I have a feeling the surprise election results have altered things.
  • The Atlantic – The Understudied Female Sexual PredatorAccording to new research, sexual victimization by women is more common than gender stereotypes would suggest.  
  • Great picture from Monday night
  • Robert Griffin III, girlfriend have money stolen from Browns’ garage
  • I didn’t know Dallas Cowboys tight end Gavin Escobar is a survivor of testicular cancer.
    • Escobar, who had the tumor removed as an 18-year-old freshman at San Diego State, will wear cleats that have the messages “I survived” and “feeling nuts” on them when the Cowboys face the Vikings on Thursday.
    • It turns out the NFL is allowing players this week to promote a cause on their cleats, other Cowboys notables:
      screenshot-2016-11-29-at-9-59-23-pm screenshot-2016-11-29-at-9-58-13-pm
  • Kindergarteners In Alaska Learn How To Butcher A Moose – For you sensitive folks, you’ll see a picture of kids around a butcher table with a decapitated moose head.
  • Leah Remini did a Reddit Ask Me Anything about Scientology, but I was actually hoping for more questions about her time on “Saved By The Bell”.
  • Today’s dose of ‘MURICA! – Penn and Teller burn the American flag

They pretty much did the same thing in an episode of “The West Wing” where the staff was concerned they burned the flag in the White House.

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Pancake Machine

It’s like the Wendy’s of pancake machines since it makes square pancakes.

Those are the longest scissors I’ve ever seen.

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Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, November 29, 2016


  • We let the kids choose an ornament each year for the Christmas tree. To our surprise, Hallmark has a He-Man ornament.
  • DaughterGeeding wants a robe for Christmas. I noticed a lot of children robes have a hoodie and some of them have an animal theme, like this one that will turn your little one into a tiger. She’s really into bunny themed things, so I thought I search online for bunny robes. If you ever do the same, don’t be surprised if your search results include Playboy results. I forgot they have bunny-themed things and their founder often sports a robe.
  • Now that Donald Trump won the election, traditional politics have been turned upside down – he proves no one needs political, government, or military experience to win the presidential election. That got me to thinking, who could run, regardless of political party, and generate high voter turnout? Estimates show more than 58% of eligible voters participated in the November election. Who could run that could push that number in the 75-80% range? The only person I could think of who would come close, and I’m not advocating for him, is Jon Stewart. There are plenty of conservatives who wouldn’t want to see him elected just to vote against him, he’s the only one I can think of who could get young voters motivated, and in terms of how Trump can be like P.T. Barnum, he’s the closest who could possibly match him.  Again, I’m not saying I want him to run, just trying to think of who could increase voter turnout. I looked at the Gallup Most Admired Man and Woman results to try to think of anyone else, and the only person that jumps out is Bill Gates.
  • Texas elector who criticized Trump says he’s resigning
    • “If Trump is not qualified and my role, both morally and historically, as an elected official is to vote my conscience, then I can not and will not vote for Donald Trump for President. I believe voting for Trump would bring dishonor to God. The reality is Trump will be our President, no matter what my decision is. Since I can’t in good conscience vote for Donald Trump, and yet have sinfully made a pledge that I would, the best option I see at this time is to resign my position as an Elector.”
  • NPR – The Czech Pastry That Took Texas By Storm, And Keeps Gaining Strength
  • Dallas is building America’s biggest urban nature park
  • No Texas Football Teams In AP Poll For 1st Time Since 1997
  • The lead story of the 6PM CBS11 newscast was of a motorcyclist recording himself speeding down the LBJ express lanes at 186-mph and posting it on social media. Two people interviewed stated motorcyclists like him can never be caught because police don’t have the means to travel that fast or faster. That reminded me of a DPS officer who spoke in one of my high school classes. He said no matter how fast you think you can drive and outrun law enforcement, there’s no outrunning the radio – instead of being chased law enforcement, you’ll just end driving to them.
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Tragedy at Ohio State University

Ohio State University: Suspect killed, 9 hospitalized after campus attack

However, I did find one moment of levity.


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I’m not calling you Shirley, but I am serious that “Airplane!” is a comedic remake of “Zero Hour”

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Bag of Randomness for Monday, November 28, 2016


  • The wife and kids were gone for a few days visiting family while I stayed at home with two dogs and a bunny. I’m afraid this is going to sound bad, but I had such a great time home alone, I needed the solitude, and absence does make the heart grow fonder. I may feel differently if I didn’t work from home.
  • While thinking of things I’m thankful for, I started to realize how much I appreciate those of you who take the time to respectfully comment. A lot of times (all over the Internet), people will only comment when they are upset or disagree with something. But a lot of you will comment about my family or experiences, or just make a humorous quip about a link I posted or take the time to offer a suggestion. Those of you who do, and you know who you are, I feel a connection with you and think of you throughout the day. And sometimes when you have an opposing view and tactfully comment, you broaden my perspective on things, and I value the opportunity you give me to grow.
    • There are a few who will solely comment on things you disagree with me about, but I love you too. I just ask for a little tenderness and grace instead of bluntness. Sometimes it can be hard to interpret the emotion behind the written word.
  • I was made aware of Castro’s death by visiting, but noticed their templated or pre-written article wasn’t adequately updated.
  • Funniest line I read about Castro’s death – Fidel Castro dead at 90, that will teach him to mess with JFK.
  • Sign of the times, I guess – WifeGeeding’s nephew texted his Christmas wish list to his mother. The kid is in high school, I thought he would have simply informed her verbally.
  • Trump just gonna be Trump
  • Russia just gonna be Russia
  • Texas just gonna be Texas
    • It seemed weird that the Longhorns announced the firing of their head football coach and his replacement in the same day.
    • I’m not too sold on their new head coach, especially with a couple of questionable losses (especially SMU) with his Houston team and not making himself available to the press after the last game of the season, in which his team was upset by Memphis.
    • One trait I hear about great coaches is their ability to make their assistants better. Charlie Strong seemed to have trouble with his assistants improving.
    • I know nothing of Strong other than what I see on television and read in articles, and from that, I really admire the guy.
    • I’ve rooted for UT most of my life, but even though they are a financially successful program, I never viewed them as one of the big dogs. That’s probably because I really only started to understand football during the David McWilliams era and the Southwest Conference barely alive, and none of those schools really felt like a top tier program towards the end. This will sound crazy for many of you, but when the Longhorns won it all in 2005, to me, it felt like the “little one that finally could.”
  • Baylor just gonna be Baylor
  • There’s a rumor floating around that Art Briles will return to Houston as their head coach.
  • A contest in which you can have tea with Julia Roberts and Bono.
  • It doesn’t matter that I’ve watched the Cowboys play on Thanksgiving for 40-years, but it just feels weird when they don’t play on Sundays. And since they are playing this Thursdays, it’s going to be two straight weeks of feeling out of sync.
  • I felt like Dallas and Washington have a renewed their rivalry.
  • The Ravens used some very intersting strategy to end the game yesterday.
    • The Baltimore Ravens successfully ran out the game’s final 11 seconds on fourth down by committing holding against all nine Bengals who rushed their punter, giving Sam Koch the time to meander around the end zone before finally conceding a meaningless safety.
  • Interesting spy news
    • Researchers at Israel’s Ben Gurion University have created a piece of proof-of-concept code they call “Speake(a)r,” designed to demonstrate how determined hackers could find a way to surreptitiously hijack a computer to record audio even when the device’s microphones have been entirely removed or disabled. The experimental malware instead repurposes the speakers in earbuds or headphones to use them as microphones, converting the vibrations in air into electromagnetic signals to clearly capture audio from across a room.
  • This story of a high school football coach with no arms or legs is about ten days old, but I still think it’s worth reading.
    • He has no arms or legs. He moves in a custom-made wheelchair that he operates with his shoulders. He diagrams plays on a smartphone attached to the chair, using a stylus that he maneuvers with his mouth.screenshot-2016-11-27-at-4-46-05-pm
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