The Quest for 31 is Almost Over

NFL super fan, Hans Steiniger, has been attending professional football games in different NFL cities for the past three years in an attempt to see a game in each home stadium, a feat he calls, “The Quest for 31”. Now in his fourth season of NFL travel, Steiniger sits a mere five stadiums away from completing his journey. The remaining “Final Five” are the cities of Denver, New York, New Orleans, Washington, and Baltimore.

What began as personal challenge for the longtime Bills fan from Buffalo, N.Y., quickly became a city-by-city immersive study in the home team experience across the nation. Like an NFL chameleon who adapts to his surroundings, this fan tailgates with locals on gameday, eats traditional local foods, and wears a home team jersey for each game he attends.

Some of you local folks may wonder if he will visit the new Cowboys Stadium.  Yup, he’ll attend the Carolina game at the end of September.

I have to admit I’m a bit envious of this man, it would be a total blast to watch a game at every NFL stadium.  But I couldn’t go as far as he did wearing a cheesehead and doing whatever he could to root for each home team.  But then again, he was mature enough to put things behind him so he could have a true home field experience.

And the guy loves his NFL football, he even proposed to his wife during an NFL game and had an NFL themed wedding.  Heck, he even dedicated a website to sports themed weddings:

That must be love, getting married where the Detroit Lions play.

But I will also admit, this wedding invitation was pretty creative.

Hans is actually a reader of BoN, and you may recall me posting about his quest a while back.  Other than our love for the NFL, we are both half-Asian.  When he eventually completes his quest for 31, he may just be worthy of my Half-Asian Hall of Fame.

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  1. You're killin' me man! You know I'm workin' my tail off to be inducted into the Half-Asian Hall! It has been difficult rooting for other teams …. the Miami Dolphins in particular, as I am a die-herd Bills fan (donning the star in Dallas was just as tough after the SB losses), but in honor of the Quest and maintaining the purity of the journey, I experienced, if only for a day, what it was like to be a fan of every franchise. Not many can say that … not many would want to …. but not many can say that.

  2. Shae says:

    There are no NFL stadiums in NYC. Saying something like that around here can get you in a whole heap of trouble :o)

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