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Barack Obama faces 30 death threats a day, stretching US Secret Service

US President Barack Obama is the target of more than 30 potential death threats a day and is being protected by an increasingly over-stretched and under-resourced Secret Service, according to a new book. Since Mr Obama took office, the rate … Continue reading

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Insurance Won’t Pay NorCal Mom’s Cancer Treatment

Will your insurance company pay for the treatment your doctors recommend? They may not. That’s what a single mother from Chico said she found out. In late April, Shelly Andrews-Buta was scheduled to undergo treatment for breast cancer that had … Continue reading

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Ticked-Off Tuesday

What is something that is currently ticking you off? I’ll start . . . it ticks me off when I see perfectly healthy people take the elevator down one floor.

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When ‘Internet Addiction’ Turns Deadly

So-called “Internet addiction” among Chinese youths has led to a proliferation of clinics around the country that claim to be able to treat the recently defined disorder. On Monday, police in the south China city of Nanning said that a … Continue reading

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Whisper chain marriage proposal (World record)

Jake Bronstein began a whisper chain that successfully passed through 59 people, a new world record. With his girlfriend Kristina Hoge completely unaware of the plan, Bronstein sent the message “Kristina, will you marry me?” around a roomful of strangers. … Continue reading

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Kissimmee decides against ‘In God We Trust’ logo

KISSIMMEE – The Kissimmee City Commission has backed off a proposal to change the city’s logo by adding “In God We Trust.” The suggestion to revamp the logo caused an uproar last week after City Commissioner Art Otero, who proposed … Continue reading

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Jobless NYC woman sues college for $70K in tuition

NEW YORK (AP) — A New York City woman who says she can’t find a job is suing the college where she earned a bachelor’s degree. Trina Thompson filed a lawsuit last week against Monroe College in Bronx Supreme Court. … Continue reading

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10 unhealthiest drinks in America

Baskin-Robbins Large Chocolate Oreo Shake * 2,600 calories * 135 g fat (59 g saturated fat, 2.5 g trans fat) * 263 g sugars * 1,700 mg sodium This drink packs more sugar than 29 Fudgsicles, as much fat as … Continue reading

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