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Little Girl Catches Big Fish – With Her Hands

Or was she just trying to give it a hug? 19 second mark . . .

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Smart Cat

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Ticked Off Tuesday

It’s another edition of Ticked Off Tuesday, so tell me something that is currently ticking you off. I’ll start . . . It ticks me off when I’m weed-eating and I run out of line, only to find that I … Continue reading

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Golf Ball to the Head

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Cool Photos From Greenland

The picture below is quite interesting, but for some reason this picture of a cemetary has caught my attention. More, and larger pics here.

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The Ballad of G.I. Joe

I haven’t seen the movie, and don’t plan to because it doesn’t appear to pay much homage to the cartoon.  So I think this parody will suffice, and keep an eye out for Olivia Wild, Chuck Liddell, and Julianne Moore.  … Continue reading

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Why Neoconservative Pundits Love Jon Stewart

Back in April, when the debate over torture was roaring, Jon Stewart invited Cliff May, a national-security hawk and former spokesman for the Republican Party, to come on The Daily Show and defend waterboarding. May was hesitant. He thought Stewart … Continue reading

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ChefStack – Perfect. Panless. Pancakes.

The ChefStack automatic pancake machine is a revolution in the making. Now, for the first time, perfect panless pancakes can be produced in a matter of seconds. With ChefStack, the ultimate comfort food has now become convenient to make. Resulting … Continue reading

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