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Teacher, 84, starts 59th year teaching

HASKELL, OK — 59 years at one job is inspiring, but 59 years teaching math and science to middle school students is impressive. That’s the case for Sylvester Franklin, whose career started shortly after World War II came to an … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Polaroid

Create Polaroids™ from your own photos or download and print. Rollip.com Original And the Polariod After creating this Polariod, in my mind, I virtually fanned it so it would develop faster.

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I have a feeling this isn’t going to catch on

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Models Without Make-Up

More models without make-up at models.com. From Cindy Crawford’s picture, her mole looks like it has grown.

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And to think, I’ve never seen an episode

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If you like guitars

You might like this upcoming movie. And of course I’ll be watching since U2’s The Edge is in it.

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Bag of Randomness

About the only thing I will order at a Starbucks is a cafe mocha. And it’s always a small, or whatever the fancy coffee drinking world calls a small. The instant hot water thingy is working quite well in our … Continue reading

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