Newsy is a multiperspective online video news site that monitors, synthesizes and presents the world’s news coverage.

In an increasingly connected world, access to multiperspective news is in demand by global citizens. News sources are abundant yet redundant. delivers context with convenience to help keep you better informed. Through short video segments available on the web and mobile devices, offers a way to accelerate your global understanding of a news story. takes a step back to show how the world’s news organizations are reporting a story – providing an unprecedented global and macro point of view. You’ll find CNN right next to Al Jazeera, the BBC right next to ABC. also covers major newspapers, news magazines as well as top blogs from around the world.

What are the key differences in reporting? Who has a unique insight?
By monitoring the world’s new coverage, we provide immediate analysis of news perspectives so you can form your own opinion. You’ll find it an informative and a convenient resource that you will want to check daily. We will not change the news, but we will change your view of it. Global access to multiple perspectives helps provide the real story,

Here’s an example of their reporting. I decided to pick the biggest hot button issue out there right now, health care reform.

I’m sorry about the way the video is displaying on this website, I had to adjust a few things to get it to fit within the frames. The quality is much better when you visit their website.

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