Name Anagram Tool

I wasn’t too happy with my result:


Give it a try here.

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10 Responses to Name Anagram Tool

  1. mzchief says:


    I was surprised, with the odd letters, my anagram name came out so normal.

    No doubt, Dick In The Geek is among the funniest, ever.

  2. Geeding says:

    Freudian slip? Don't you mean "Dig In The Geek"?

  3. Noevadeaux says:

    Ruh roh! I'm scared of myself now. SKUNK MEDDLESOME NECROMANIA

  4. mzchief says:


    You have no idea!

    I was multi-tasking and had just hung up from someone whom I have ALWAYS mentally thought, "What a dick" every time I have ever had to communicate/work with them.

    Now I will forever associate them with "Dick In A Geek>"

    Thank you so very much for making certain my next conversation with them will be rife with hilarity.

  5. Mine came out "I'm Senior Rat", how sad.

  6. sister says:

    I'm an Agile Design….or Inane As Niggled.

  7. sister says:

    Chris' name is "Good! Lush Archpriest" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  8. Nathan S. says:

    Hub Satan Ant….. that can't be good…

  9. Sharon says:

    When I enter it with my middle name, I don't care for the results. When I put in just my first and last name, the results are okay.

  10. Jennifer Popp says:

    Jeer Apron Fine Pimp – the first two words don't make sense but I'll take the last two as a compliment

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