Four Years of Bringing You A Whole Bag of Nothing


Four years ago tomorrow I launched this little website.  In those four years I have been lucky enough to have gained some friends, even if it’s only by virtual acquaintance.  Hopefully I’ve done more to bring you joy and make you ponder than to make you full of anger.  Sorry for that little rhyme.

But I do want to take a little time to thank all of you for making me a little part of your day.  Some of you have expressed to me you start your day off with a little BagOfNothing, and knowing that actually warms my heart.

Tomorrow also happens to be my mother’s birthday, and you long-time readers know that in her honor, I don’t post anything and encourage all of you to do one of the things my mother loved best – read.  So please find some time today or tomorrow to crack open a book or a magazine, and honor my mother by reading at least for 15 minutes.

But today also happens to be Friday.  And whenever I make a Ticked Off Tuesday post, I will make a Happy Friday post.  So if you feel like it, tell me something that is presently making you happy.

And if you can’t think of anything that makes you happy, feel free to write a haiku about

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22 Responses to Four Years of Bringing You A Whole Bag of Nothing

  1. Melissa says:

    Happy Birthday BON.

    It makes me happy that today is Friday!

    It makes me happy you honor your mother's memory in so many ways.

    and by the way, I meant to comment the other day…but it took me forever to figure out what that picture was the other day (the ducks on the back) until i put my cursor over the picture and saw the name of the picture…i felt so silly!

  2. MamaToots says:

    Happy B'day, BON!! And, tomorrow I will gladly read and in doing so will think of your dear mother.

  3. CowtownDoug says:

    BON is growin up fast. Here's to four more!

  4. warren says:

    It makes me happy to read this and see no mention of you considering shutting down BON..

    Four more years, Four more years, Four more years……..

    Enjoy the weekend

  5. kilron says:

    Best blog ever. Learn a lot from you and I'm motovatvated and encouraged by your example.

  6. Boyd says:

    Every year you do this it reminds me of my mother too. Her favorite past time was reading, and she handed that down to me. For years, we would buy different books and trade them back and forth with each other. Mom has been gone since March of 05, and still, every time I go to half price books, I will catch myself thinking "I wonder if mom has this one yet?"


  7. Shelly says:

    I start my work day with Liberally Lean and then BON. Love it.

    So what makes me happy….going to float the Comal with 3 other couples this weekend.

  8. Roland says:


    Today I before,
    Tomorrow I be four
    Sunday is for thanksgiving

  9. kim says:

    I'm happy it seems to be cooling off!

    Happy B-day, BON

  10. jonathan says:

    I keep coming back expecting SOMETHING, but I keep getting NOTHING

  11. Jonas says:

    Happy Birthday BON! Keep up the great posts!

    I'm happy that today is Friday, because I don't have class, and I got my Top Gear magazine in the mail 🙂

  12. David Bryant says:

    You know, if you had given us more notice we could have all met at Chuck E. Cheese to have a 4 year old birthday party.

  13. John Paul says:

    Thanks for four years of Nothing… looking forward to many more years! I too start my morning off with BON and am constantly sharing the pictures, videos, stories etc with my wife, daughter and friends.

    I am happy that my wife and I found out this morning that we are having another little girl (the 20wk ultrasound was today)!

  14. 4 years of BON goodness! Thanks for all the things you have posted that makes me smile! I check BON every day! Wooo!

  15. PulpFiction says:

    Happy Birthday BON!! Be sure to make a wish and blow out all of those birthday candles. Bag has become a daily ritual for me. Thanks for the interesting material and conversation starters. Enjoy the weekend.

  16. Happy Birthday BON!

    I will read for at least half an hour in honor of your mother.

    I have a lot of things making me happy right now. My two beautiful daughters. Today I get to celebrate my 8th anniversary to Prince Charming. And this new little baby girl growing inside me.

  17. Bella says:

    Aw, I love my daily dose of BON.
    4 years of loveliness!
    Heres to tons more! : )

  18. Nic says:

    Coffee and BON every morning! Thank you! I'll hit Barnes & Noble tomorrow in honor of your mom.

  19. Sharon says:

    Happy B-day BON.
    Today I am happy because I several days behind on BON and now I get a chance to catch up.
    Happy Birthday to your mom. Enjoy your weekend.

  20. Chris says:

    Read Bag of Nothing.

    Intriguing. Funny. Creepy.

    Now Where Are My Pants?


  21. Quiddity says:

    Thanks for putting in the effort to make BoN a great blog. A great place to find stories and pictures that I would never had known otherwise.

  22. dan says:

    All I can do is echo what everyone else has said about the comfort of going to BON first thing in the morning and finding so many unusual stories, pictures, videos and interesting tidbits. Most of what I read in BON is days ahead of the mainstream news. Very well done and I too look forward to four more years. Thanks for all the effort, Keith!

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