Bag of Randomness

  • I haven’t been to a high school football game in a very long time.  It’s probably been over six years.  That might change this year.
  • I knew my high school build a new stadium not so long ago, but I had to idea it was so nice.  But I still prefer the old stadium that I think was built during the Depression.
  • I can remember a time when everything in those pictures were nothing more than grass.
  • Heck, I even remember a time in Mineral Wells before the Wal-Mart and a McDonalds.  And now that have a Chili’s.
  • But Mineral Wells isn’t that small of a town, after all, it does have two, count ’em, two Dairy Queens.
  • What’s the proper rule for ending a sentence with both a question mark and an exclamation point?  What form of punctuation should come first?
  • For you Ticket listeners, I listened to a lot of Fake Greggo audio yesterday.  WifeGeeding was laughing pretty hard.
  • A laptop with two screens? I think I need one.
  • Google Maps now includes live traffic data and average traffic patterns for a particular day and time.
  • Have you ever looked at a clearance sign and wondered if the height that is stated is actually true?  So did this guy, and he’s actually measuring some of them.
  • What’s inside a Slim Jim
  • There have been a lot of notable celebrity deaths this year.  My sources tell me that Billy Graham is on deck.
  • I got an email from one of my readers that took a cruise from Argentina to Antarctica.  Check out pictures of the the trip here, which includes lots of cute animal life.  He also posted a video in which a group of guys stripped down to their undies and jumped from an iceberg into the antarctic water.
  • Massachusetts has not had an open Senate seat since 1984.
  • Tactical Canned Bacon will last for ten years [Thanks, Danny!]
  • For the most part, this video/cartoon explains my view on why I support health care reform.
  • Speaking of healthcare, one of my Canadian readers left this comment in an email exchange that has stayed in my head and I can’t help but agree with it:  It’s insane to me that country that prides itself on being one of the great empires of our history won’t take care of it’s people.  A 1,000 years from now they’ll look back on America and this debate and probably wonder what they were arguing about.
  • Confusing Movie Time Travel Chart
  • Faith Baptist Church in Primrose, GA brings home the bacon.
  • This Mythical Creature Chart is actually pretty genius.
  • Ted Kennedy’s first webpage
  • Here’s a nice non-partisan thing that Senator Ted Kennedy did regarding 9-11.  For each Massachusetts family that lost a loved one to that tradegy, he called to offer his condolences, all 176 of them.  And then there’s a story about one family that couldn’t find the proper military discharge papers to give their loved one a military burial, they called the senator for help, and Kennedy was able to make it happen.  Watch the ABC News video here.
  • That military discharge paper is called the DD214.  I’ll forever remember that document because we needed it for just about anything veteran related when we were burying my father.
  • I remember a General Norman Schwarzkopf Tonight Show interview right after his retirement.  He mentioned that when he retired, someone handed him the DD214 and told him that whatever he does, make sure he and his family never lose that document because it is the only thing that will show he served in the United States military.  That cracked him up considering all the news footage he was on regarding the Gulf War.
  • Grace
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Bryan says:

    The fake Greggo audio page would be so much better if it included the dial-a-date bit.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Here's a link referencing your punctuation question (? and !)

  3. dan says:

    The health care reform video was enlightening and persuasive.

    My problems with the issue is that: there are so many versions of what health care reform will entail; reform will be irreversible; and it's difficult to put a dollar figure on the cost..

    I've read several places that credible economists calculate the unfunded Medicare liabability in the tens of triilions of dollars [far larger than Social Securitiy's liabililty]. Due to the way the federal government does its accounting, that liability does not appear anywhere on the government's books, but it is, nevertheless, still there and growing. The difference is that insurance companies maintain a reserve to pay out benefits while the federal government is pay as you go.

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