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  • Scottish law and custom is something else, isn’t it.  Justice and “compassion” – that’s so very interesting and perplexing, especially from a Christian perspective.
  • Here’s a panoramic view inside the  new Cowboys Stadium before the Paul McCartney concert.  Now I understand why there was only about 40,000, the blocked off quite a bit of the venue.
  • Only about 40,000 – this coming from a boy that grew up in a town that has less than 20,000.  I see the population is now closer to 17,000, but I think it was closer to 20,000 when I was there.
  • I’m looking forward to watching the Cowboys preseason game tonight in their new stadium to see what the sight lines and atmosphere will be like.  I like what Jerry did with the endzone.  There was a time when he installed new turf in Texas Stadium and a cheap blue was used in the endzone.  I always preferred the dark blue on the field, and we won more games with the dark blue.  And my childhood memories were always with that tan border and dark blues.
  • A friend of my was lucky enough to attend that concert for free . . . in a suite.  He said he parking spot was so close that bomb sniffing dogs had to inspect his car and later showed me a picture of his car outside the stadium – probably just 20 yards away from the stadium entrance.
  • His suite was one of those that was on the floor level that connects to the tunnel where the players come out where fans can view and cheer/jeer players before they head out to the field.  Then on top of his suite were seats where he could get a better view.
  • He mentioned that the price of food in a suite was sky high with pizza’s costing $80 and a trey of cookies actually costing $100 – and he wasn’t kidding.
  • Gracie left a comment yesterday that made me smile, and I have to admit, I shared the exact same view at one time.
  • I’m usually not one to read op-ed pieces, but I can’t stop thinking about this one from The Independent, a British Newspaper.  It’s a left-leaning paper, so I already know it’s a bit biased.  But I thought this piece accurately (but maybe a little exaggerated at times)  summed up what’s going on with the far right, the Bush administration, conservatives and faith, the need for healthcare reform with it being a right and not a privileged, and all the crazy falsities of the proposed bill.
  • I recently found out that hurricanes and tornadoes spin differently in each hemisphere.
  • I read a GQ article on Tim Tebow yesterday.  It mentioned that while a missionary in the Philippines he perform circumcisions.
  • The article also mentions the pastor of his church, Mac Brunson of First Baptist Jacksonville.  Brunson’s previous pastoral gig was First Baptist Dallas.  Per the article, Brunson has stated that September 11, Hurricane Katrina, and the recession are evidence of God’s wrath against a sinful nation.  If that’s something he really said, then I happen to disagree with the pastor on that issue and would be another reason why I consider myself a recovering Baptist.
  • I heard that back in the day that Braniff International use to make their stewardesses change clothes three times during a routine flight.
  • I once read that the word “stewardesses” is the longest word one can type with one hand.
  • I wonder how many of you just tried typing that word.
  • Church building changes owners, big Jesus statue comes down
  • The Lion King in real life
  • I saw the new Brett Favre Sears commercial – pretty darn funny.  I couldn’t find a video of it online yet.
  • An intersting and entertaining blog:
  • Grace
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  1. warren says:

    Re: The Independent article. Did you see Betsy McCaughey on The Daily Show last night? Wonder how many liberal viewers she swayed (very sarcastic comment)…if anything I think she lost conservative support with last night's appearance.

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