Bag of Randomness


  • Honestly, sometimes I feel like I work with a bunch of clowns.
  • For you local folks that like to eat neat but cheap, KRLD Restaurant Week just posted what restaurants will be participating.  You can make reservations now, but Restaurant Week isn’t until Aug 17-23.  In case you aren’t familiar with it, you can experience fine dining which consists of a three course meal for $35 at one of DFW’ best restaurants, with part of the proceeds going to the North Texas Food Bank.
  • The Monocle Gesture
  • I bet everyone, at least one in his or her life, has attempted to swim like a mermaid.
  • Decorative paper napkins just don’t work as well as the non-decorative kind.
  • Art imitates life?
  • I put our old dishwasher on CraigsList on Sunday, and the very next day someone contacted us about buying it.  Funny thing, the guy on the phone had to ask WifeGeeding if I happen to be the one behind because he recognized the name.  When the gentleman came over, he said it just felt kind of surreal to be in my living room.  We had a real nice conversation, and I asked him for some feedback regarding the blog.  He likes that I keep it, for the most part, clean and positive, that it’s thought provoking at times, and that when I do express my views it’s not some kind of crazy rant.
  • It’s actually nice to meet my readers.  It keeps me motivated.  I can’t tell you the times I’ve felt that I wanted to shut this thing down.
  • Well, I hear Jessica Simpson is back on the market.
  • I was impressed with Senator Lindsey Graham yesterday.
  • I bet it was tough for a boy to grow up with the name Lindsey.  Actually, I’m surprised he doesn’t go by another name.
  • I’m still surprised that a lot of people still go by the name Dick.
  • I think I understand where Judge Sotomayor is coming from regarding that Latino comment, that a person with a diverse cultural background has a better understanding of things than someone only exposed to the upper class, but I can certainly understand the Republicans’ concern about it.
  • I may have the numbers skewed, but I think I heard Charlie Gibson mention that of the 110 Supreme Court justices in our nation’s history, 106 have been white men.  That’s absolutely crazy when you think about it.
  • Even though it was about 104 outside yesterday, I didn’t think it was that bad since there really wasn’t any humidity.  It was a dry heat.
  • WifeGeeding will be going into surgery this coming Monday.  Yes, it’s a boob job, and it’s about time, dang it.
  • Actually she’ll be going through with the procedure to make her glass eye appear more natural.
  • But you know, since she’s going to be under anesthesia, maybe I can talk the doctor into adding . . . oh, nevermind.
  • Grace
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8 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. MamaToots says:

    Think about all the people who read this before you write comments about your wife. 🙂

  2. Bryan says:

    Thanks for posting the restaurant week info. I say that I'm going to do it every year and I always forget about it.

    Don't shut this thing down. I look forward to it every day, especially the bag of randomness.

    That's correct on the SC justice count: Marshall, O'Connor, Thomas, and Ginsburg are the only non-white males.

  3. David Bryant says:

    I look forward to your review of how your couch sleeps after WifeGeeding reads today's Bag of Randomness.

  4. Heath says:

    It was great meeting you and WifeGeeding yesterday. Thanks for the great deal on the dishwasher, it works great!

    You both were as I thought you'd be… genuinely nice.

  5. Brent says:

    So, if you fork over the cash for an (ahem) enlargement procedure, can I give you the monocle gesture? 🙂

  6. Darren says:

    On Tony Romo and Jessica breaking up.
    I heard he'd like visitation of the twins…

  7. Nathan S. says:

    I read that first surgery line like 5 times thinking…wha..I…How … can he get away with that?

  8. Special Person says:

    and the next time a reader is in your living room, they are totally gonna be checking out your wife's boobs!

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