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Father Digs Son’s Grave to Save Money

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) – After cancer took the life of a 15-year-old boy, his family dug the teen’s grave themselves to save on funeral costs and also received assistance from complete strangers to give him a proper burial. Full … Continue reading

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Happy Friday

On Tuedsay I created a post called “Ticked Off Tuesday” just to let people vent and to see what has been ticking off people. Well, it’s Friday, so if you would, tell me something that makes you happy, either recently … Continue reading

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Whitney Houston on Late Night with David Letterman 24 Years Ago

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Church To Finally Upgrade From Outhouses

ELLETSVILLE, Ind. — A Monroe County church has done without it for years, but the pastor said it’s finally time to install a major upgrade — indoor plumbing. God’s Way Family Church in Elletsville has lights, air conditioning and even … Continue reading

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Change in Texas Social Study Classes?

AUSTIN — Biographies of Washington, Lincoln, Stephen F. Austin? Not fit reading material for children in the early grades. Cesar Chavez? Not worthy of his role-model status. Christianity? Emphasize its importance. Such suggestions are part of efforts to rewrite history … Continue reading

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God and Science

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Dog eats, dog smiles

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Which airline makes the most from luggage fees?

This post on Tripso.com made an interesting comparison that caught my attention: Which airline makes the most from luggage fees? by Christopher Elliott That would be American Airlines, according to the latest government-reported numbers for 2009. The rest of the … Continue reading

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